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One Cleveland Center Parking: Discover The Best Options In The Area

Downtown Cleveland is a thriving business and tourist district for its many sites and attractions that it has to offer. However, with its growing popularity and busy nature, this can often mean that parking spots around town can be limited.

With the Smarking Smartpass or flexi parking pass you can make a reservation ahead of time to secure your spot. This way you avoid the worry of finding a space. You just have to drive up, scan the QR code issued to you when purchasing the pass, park your car and then you can go about your day!

One Cleveland Center

One Cleveland Center is the fifth tallest skyscraper located in downtown Cleveland, 1375 E 9th St. After a renovation in 2011, this modern building offers 31 stories of office space with many of the occupants being leaders in the insurance, finance and accounting industry as well as major law firms.

The Center is in a desirable location, with it being within walking distance to major Cleveland attractions, fine dining restaurants, and hotels and you also have easy access to public transport stations and highways close by. This building offers an on-site cafe and not to mention - the stunning city and lake views!

One Cleveland Center Parking Garage

The One Cleveland Center Garage also on 1375 E 9th Street is attached to the One Centre Cleveland Building, with two entrances. You can enter from e 9th St and St. Clair or there is also an entrance off e 9th St and Rockwell. This garage has 1,100 spaces to offer and operates Monday - Saturday all day.

The parking rate is $3.00 for every 15 minutes. Monday - Friday early bird discounts are available at $8 if you are in by 8 am and they have an evening rate at $6 if you are in after 4 pm. There is also a flat rate of $6.00 on a Saturday too.

Best Parking Spots Close By!

Below we will look at the best parking spots in downtown Cleveland. While there are many meters around town, you don't want to risk a parking ticket with the frequent patrols. It is a good idea to plan ahead so you can find the best parking spot to suit you and whatever plans you may have for the day!

Cathedral Plaza Garage

Located on Rockwell Avenue and 9th Street, this garage is just a 3-minute walk from the One Cleveland Centre building. The garage is open from Monday - Saturday from 6 am to 10 pm, and Sundays from 7 am to 7 pm.

Smarking offers a flexible day pass for just $7 and you can enjoy evening parking rates from just $6. Monthly parking options also available.

As previously mentioned, after purchasing your SmartPass, you will be issued with a QR code for you to swipe in and out at the gate of the garage. Talk about parking made easy!

Huntington Garage

The Hungtington Garage is just a 12 12-minute walk from the One Cleveland Center, located at 999 Chester Ave.

Parking rates are $3.00 per hour and have a maximum daily rate of $12. Early bird discounts are available on Monday-Friday, and you can get evening parking rates for $5. They also offer a monthly parking option which costs $222.00 for reserved and $179.00 for unreserved.

Be aware there is a maximum vehicle height of 6"2 at the Huntington Garage.

St Clair Parking Lot

The St Clair Parking Lot is a hospital garage located on St Clair Ave, just a 12-minute walk from the One Cleveland Center where you can pay on the day or enjoy free parking providing you are staying for less than 1 hour.

The rates are as follows:

1 -2 hours: $4.00

2 - 3 hours: $5.00

3-4 hours: $6.00

Longer than 4 hours: $7.00

Special events can be charged up to $15.00 per day and monthly parking is available at a rate of $55.00.

Take note, due to this garage being a hospital parking garage, there are some rules to be aware of such as a 5-mile per hour speed limit. They also have regular patrols to ensure everyone is abiding by the parking regulations - parking in fire zones, or handicapped areas for example.

When you enter the garage you will have to take your ticket with you and pay at one of the allocated locations on the way out.

Gateway East Garage

The Gateway East Garage is about a 13-minute walk from the One Cleveland Center. Located just a short walk from the Progressive Field Stadium so this is an ideal spot to use if you are thinking of heading to any games.

On non-game days you can park there for $1 per 15 minutes with a daily rate of $7 provided you are out by 5.30 pm. They have set prices for game days, the prices are as follows:

  • Cleveland Guardian games - $15.00

  • Cleveland Cavaliers - $20.00

  • Cleveland Monsters games - $10.00

To Conclude

There are many parking options around Cleveland Downtown. But if you want to ensure an easy, smooth and stress-free parking experience then you can count on the many parking garages located around the area.

Having the option to reserve your spot in advance will save you so much time and hassle. So why not enjoy the easiest parking process available in Cleveland whilst enjoying some of the best rates in tow. Whether you're there for a short stay or you're planning on staying longer, there's definitely an option for you! Check out the most convenient monthly parking options in Downtown Cleveland and head over to the Smarking website where you can reserve your spot today!


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