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Offer your tenants and parkers unlimited, custom options without the billing headaches

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Managing Tools for Parking Operators

Customize discounts per tenant group and create unlimited rate options for each location 

Share the unique, group-restricted product link with your tenant admin 

Remove AR headaches and get paid faster with automatic deposits 

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A Digital, Contactless Access Pass for Parkers

Provide your customers with a fast, online, contactless sign-up

Parkers can select the days they’d like purchase and pay online securely

Allow access to multiple lots with a unique mobile pass per location and multi-entry privileges

Flexible Parking Management for Operators

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The pandemic changed the landscape of the industry. Customers expect a fully digital experience with flexible parking options to accommodate their new schedules. By partnering with Smarking, we're the first to offer this and bring back churned parkers while capturing new demand. 


Branch Manager, ABM Industries

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End-to-End Support

Hands-on support from implementation to marketing


Anoush Razavian

Account and Customer Support Manager

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Jannette Choi 


Product Manager 

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Giselle Rosado

Implementation & Customer Support Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does SmartPass address the pain points with existing monthly parking management platforms?
    - Parkers can easily sign-up for parking online without waiting on HR or physical credentials - Payout accounts can be set up via Stripe, allowing for instantaneous transfer of funds upon transaction (for credit cards; for ACH accounts, 48 hours) - Accounting module allows for transactions tracking in real time - Management portals are set up to oversee a portfolio or a particular location - Parker portals are set up for parkers to easily track payments and make any updates to their purchases
  • How does SmartPass address PCI compliance?
    - All payments and card number/ bank account information is processed through Stripe. - Stripe is a trusted payment processor and is currently integrated with Google, Lyft, and Amazon products. - Stripe tackles PCI compliance by handling credit card data securely, storing data securely, and performing annual validation to confirm compliance. More information can be found/ shared with the client here:
  • How does SmartPass prevent parkers from sharing the QR code with others?
    - SmatPass generates a new QR code daily - SmartPass’s QR code will only be available to the parker during the approved time of use. - SmartPass QR code will immediately be generated at the end of each day. For example, the QR code available for March 2nd can not be used on March 3rd.
  • Which PARCS do SmartPass support currently? What is on the roadmap?
    Smarking has expertise integrating with multiple meters, mobile payments, and access control equipment systems. Please let us know which system vendor you work with, and we will be happy to do a free technical evaluation for you.
  • Do we need to have Smarking's Business Intelligence software or Dynamic Pricing engine in order to use SmartPass?
    No. SmartPass does not require integration with Smarking’s other software. It’s $0 for implementation and no upfront cost to get started with SmartPass.
  • Do you have a question?
    Contact us at or call us at (855) 949-4800, we're happy to address any questions. You can also schedule a free consultation with our team.

Latest SmartPass Locations

Wondering where you can use your SmartPass? Check out our latest SmartPass locations for more information.

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