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Parking Data Enterprise Cloud

Industry’s leading cloud platform for data integration, cloud hosting, and data streaming.

  • Access all your parking data on one centralized platform without worrying about integrations among different parking equipment, payment solutions, and mobile apps.

  • Reserve all your parking data without worrying about data loss among business transitions

  • Stream real time parking data toward any 3rd party applications via the Smarking Enterprise Parking Data API without costing any IT resources

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* selected integrations for demonstration purpose

  • Direct integration with 50+ bands of PARCS, valet, POS, LPR, and mobile solutions

  • Industrial cloud infrastructure designed & built for parking

  • Full support and services in data cleaning, pipelining, warehousing, and streaming

  • Unified data API for Smarking, Client, and any 3rd party applications for customers

  • Terabytes parking data aggregated 

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