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Parking Downtown Cleveland - Parking Options For You

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Downtown Cleveland is a booming central business district in Ohio, with the activity in the area it can be difficult to find parking, especially if there is a special event. In this article, we will look to find the best parking rates for you in the area to take the hassle away so you don't have to worry about parking meters and getting a parking ticket on your car. As free parking is hard to come by we will focus on finding the best-paid downtown Cleveland parking garages.

Here is a list of the different nearby parking options in the area we will look at the different locations and prices available for your convenience:

Smarking Garages

If you plan on heading into downtown for the day check out the Smarking SmartPass app and pre-book a parking space to take away the stress of trying to find somewhere on the day. Meter parking in downtown Cleveland is also popular so pre-booking a reserved spot for the day would save you the worry of getting a parking ticket from the many patrols which happen in the area.

With the Smarking app, you can reserve a space for your vehicle in a secure parking lot with easy access to all the local businesses and amenities in the area. Head over to the Smarking website look up the destination you would like to park at and book online, then on the day, all you have to do is swipe in and out using your QR code.

Cleveland Public Hall

Cleveland public hall (more recently known as Cleveland public auditorium) is located on Lakeside Ave and is a popular venue in the area.

The arena has many different theaters for performing arts, entertainment, sports, and exposition facilities. The venue has 15 meeting rooms that can accommodate groups of up to 700 people. There are many different types of events which are held here such as fundraisers, weddings, conventions, conferences, and exhibitions.

Find Cleveland Public Hall parking here.

Aecom Garage

One of the closest garages to the Cleveland Public Auditorium is the Aecom Garage on 6th Street, just a 2-minute walk away. You have many options for short-term stays in this lot such as $2.50 for 15 minutes, $5 for 30 minutes, $7.50 for 45 minutes, $10 for one hour, and a full daily rate of $12.

Evening rates are available if you arrive after 4 pm for $5, overnight parking is also available for $12. The opening times for this garage are Mon-Fri 6:00 am - 9:00 pm.

Public Square Garage

The Public Square Garage is another nearby spot just an 8-minute walk from the auditorium. It is located on Superior Ave, next to the Cleveland Public Square. There are a variety of different options available for short-term stays, such as:

  • 0 - 5 minutes (Free)

  • 6 - 15 minutes ($4)

  • 16 - 30 minutes ($7)

  • 31 - 45 minutes ($10)

  • 46 minutes - 1 hour ($14)

  • 1 - 4 hours ($18)

  • 4 hours or more ($20)

  • Weekday Evenings 5pm - 3am ($12)

  • Weekends enter 3 am - 8 am ($12)

  • Weekends enter 8 am - 12 pm ($5)

  • Weekends enter after 12 pm ($12)

Monthly parking is also available here at $350 for reserved and $245 for unreserved (Monday to Sunday), you can also pay $100 for monthly nighttime parking after 5 pm and this parking lot is open 24/7. You can also check more monthly parking alternatives in downtown Cleveland here.

The Hilton Downtown Cleveland

The Hilton is a modern high-rise hotel in the heart of downtown Cleveland and is a popular venue for business meetings as well as a popular place to stay for guests from out of town.

Short-term stay options are limited here to just $32 a day for self-parking and $42 for valet parking. The garage is open 24 hours Monday to Sunday. Find nearby Hilton parking in downtown, Cleveland here.

Progressive Field Stadium

The Progressive Field, south of downtown Cleveland is a baseball stadium that hosts the Cleveland Guardians. The stadium opened in 1994 and used to be named Jacobs Field when it was shared with the NFL team the Cleveland Browns.

The stadium is a popular place for tours but finding parking on a game day can be difficult with the home and away fans crowding the area. Discover the best parking spots around Cleveland Progressive Field here.

Gateway East Garage

This is a convenient parking garage for anyone visiting the Progressive Field Stadium as it is just a 1-minute walk away on Larry Doby Way. This can be a good alternative parking for Cleveland Guardians.

When there is no game on you can park here for $1 per 15 minutes, with a daily max rate of $7 providing you are out by 5.30 pm. On game days the prices will vary depending on which team is playing, the Cleveland Guardians games are $15, the Cleveland Cavaliers are $20, and the Cleveland Monsters games are $10 for the day.

If there are no spots available, you might just be able to find a parking space around Westin Hotel Cleveland. It's just a couple of minutes away from Gateway East Garage.