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Learn about Smarking solutions and industry best-practices
About Smarking
Smarking is the leading provider of data management solutions for the the parking industry, allowing owners and operators to make informed decisions in an increasingly dynamic and complex market.


No other organization is compatible with 40+ PARCS vendors and equipment. Our integration services get our customers up and running on the Smarking business intelligence tools quickly, so that parking professionals can spend time optimizing parking operations.

Case Studies
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Unico Properties: Owner increases NOI by $280,000

Unico partnered with Smarking to take a data driven approach to managing parking assets, which resulted in an increase of $280,000 in NOI, beating their goal by 40%.  Smarking's data allowed Unico to make precise decisions around oversell analysis and pricing in order to respond to changing urban parking dynamics. Read More

City of Grand Rapids: Improves operational efficiency and measures new strategies 

Grand Rapids engaged Smarking in order to provide a better parking experience and to advance the city’s multi-mode mobility initiatives by improving operational efficiency, continuously adopting new parking technologies, and measuring the impact of new strategies.  Read More

EasyPark: Reduced cost of labor and improved enforcement 

Partnering with Smarking, EasyPark has transformed their business, using data to drive daily parking operations and strategic decision making. EasyPark is now able to eliminate manual report consolidation, reduce labor cost, and proactively manage their parking inventory. Read More

Miami Parking Authority: A data-driven meter removal program

Smarking’s data analytics solution enabled the Miami Parking Authority to successfully remove meters in exchange for mobile payment.  By understanding parker payment preferences by neighborhood, MPA was able to strategically plan the removal of meters in order to provide a better parking experience at lower equipment costs. Read More

VPNE: Optimized pricing and inventory allocation

VPNE is New England's premier parking operations firm and takes pride in its ability to empower employees to deliver the highest level of client service. Smarking has equipped VPNE with the power to make more frequent pricing changes and run a more efficient and profitable business. Read More

City of Aspen: Decreased peak occupancy by managing demand 

Smarking Data Analytics solution helps the City of Aspen manage seasonal parking demand. Read More

City of Santa Monica: Used data to create a dynamic parking map 

Smarking Data Analytics solution helps the City of Santa Monica staff communicate parking dynamics to interested stakeholders — when and where parkers are using the City’s parking supply and how long they are staying when they park at that hour. Read More

MIT: Reduced traffic on-campus traffic by 19%

With over 11,000 students, MIT is in need of more student housing and is planning to convert parking lots into dormitories to fulfill this need.  ​Read about how Smarking's dashboard was used to track parking demand and the initiatives set forth by AccessMIT.  Read More

Premier Parking: Automated processes to save ~780hrs/yr 

Premier Parking is quickly becoming a leader in the parking industry. Unparalleled customer service, innovative and forward-thinking solutions and a technology focused approach have led Premier to operate, manage and support a wide range of industries. Read More


Nigel Buellers, CEO of EasyPark discusses the many ways the parking operator for Vancouver, Canada creates value for its customers using Smarking.

City of Aspen

Learn how the City of Aspen Parking has used Smarking to inform pricing, improve parking turnover and increase revenue.

Case Studies
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Product Overview
Parking Leaders - Webinar Series

“Delivering Real, Smart City Results - TODAY”

  by Carla Hansen, Deputy City Manager, City of Walnut Creek


Listen to Walnut Creek’s Parking and Mobility Manager Carla Hansen, as she walks through how the City’s partnership with Smarking has 1) Helped implement smarter parking policy; 2) Facilitated shared parking arrangements across the public and private sector and; 3) Digitized and consolidated availability data for private and public parking in Walnut Creek to provide real time and predicted digital way-finding capabilities directly into connected vehicles.

“How Progressive Parking Policy Aligns Mobility and Retail Goals”

  by Mitch Osur, Director of Parking, City of Aspen

Listen to  Mitch Osur, Director of Parking in Aspen, CO, and learn how progressive parking policies have played an important role in providing downtown Aspen with reduced parking congestion, and an increase in both parking revenue and sales to local businesses.

“The Future of Real Estate and Technology,”

  by Albert Saiz, Associate Professor of Urban Economics and Real Estate, MIT

Changing urban dynamics coupled with advancements in technology will lead to a reshaping business in the real estate industry. Join one of the top researchers and leaders in urban real estate and technology, Professor Albert Saiz, Ph.D., Director of MIT's Urban Economics Lab  to hear about the role of technology and how its shaping the future of Real Estate. Read Professor Saiz's full report here.

“SFMTA and Demand-Responsive Parking Pricing,”

  by Hank Willson, Policy Manager for Parking & Curb Management, San Francisco MTA


San Francisco will be the first U.S. city to implement a “demand-responsive pricing” program citywide - across all 28,000 on-street parking meters and SFMTA managed garages and lots. The decision to implement this new pricing approach was the result of six years of analysis and study​.

“Staying Ahead of Urban Mobility Changes,”

  by Rick West, CEO, Millennium Garages, West-FSI

With autonomous driving on the horizon and the growing adoption of ride sharing and other urban mobility shifts, the parking industry is expecting even greater changes in the future. What is the real impact to parking asset investors, owners, and developers? How should parking asset professionals prepare to stay ahead of the market?

Webinar Series

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