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“Our client asked, 'Mark, that graph you showed me in your office, can I get that to show our client? Did it really say we're doing better than 71% of the other garages? I pulled up Smarking, set the date range, selected 'Benchmark', 'Transient Only', screenshotted it, and emailed it to him, all in 30 seconds. This is a great tool." 



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Measure your parking assets against the market. With Smarking’s Industry Benchmark, you can instantly benchmark your location against 2,000+ locations in North America.
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Keep a Pulse on the Market with

Real-Time Performance Data

See how your locations stack up against your local competition and the entire market. Take a proactive approach to the demands of the market.


Real-time data to inform your new pricing decisions, staffing allocation, and to understand new consumer behaviors.


Market-Level Data to Accelerate Recovery and Understand:


Competitive Opportunities

Which of my locations are outperforming the market? Where are there opportunities?

Granular Performance

What is the average revenue and occupancy in my region? Which parker segment is coming back? Peak entry times? 

Market Trends for Revenue & Budget Forecasts

What are the current trends per region? Across the U.S.? 

See how your locations stacks up with 1-click 

An instant view of your locations performance against the market - at national or local level. Real-time KPI's including monthly revenue, daily occupancy, and transactions per week.

Smarking's Industry Benchmark

Easily break down your data to see the metrics that are most important to you 

Set your date range, choose your parker segment, or dig into peak occupancy times. Get all of the details you're looking for in one place, whichever way you want to see it. 

Smarking's Parking Industry Benchmark

Dig deeper into your data to inform your strategy and uncover opportunities 

What are your competitors' pricing their early morning rates at? What time of day has the highest demand to raise pricing? Which parker segment should you allocate the most inventory to? 

Smarking's Parking Industry Benchmark
Powerful key performance metrics at your fingertips 
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The average of your locations performance given the selected date range. Shown as a percentage - so you know if you're above or below national average. 


The difference between your locations average and the national average or regional average - based on your selection. A key metric in 


See exactly where you stand against 950+ locations across North America - given your selected time period: daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. 

Access the real-time industry benchmark for free by contributing your data. Schedule a meeting to get started.
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