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"At the end of the day - it's all about data.

Anyone is who making an investment decision wants to see data behind it.


What's historically been the case is, it's hard to get data as it relates to how your parking assets are doing. Which is why I've been working Wen and the team at Smarking.

Ryan Holgan, VP Real Estate Asset Management 

Ryan Holgan at the National Parking Association annual conference

Increase NOI for your parking portfolio and improve community satisfaction 

The ability to let me focus on specific days is vital. With this data, we were able to make $80,000 above the budget across our parking portfolio last year."

"How is transient demand trending? How do these vary by region? Where are we in terms of meeting monthly and annual budgets? I can easily see these trends in Smarking.

Russ Davis - VP of Operations  

Ryan Holgan - VP,  Asset Management  

Jerry Wiggins - Director of Parking 

With Smarking, parking owners can implement the yield management technology that has been long employed by the hotel and airline industries to manage inventory, reduce costs and maximize revenue

Our clients include: Brookfield Properties, JP Morgan, Boston Properties, Ashkenazy Acquisitions Corporation, and many more. 

Smarking enables parking owners to easily:

  • Increase NOI and maximize the use of your real estate 

  • Inform decisions around parking requirements for new developments

  • Increase overall customer and parker satisfaction

  • Allocate inventory based on data instead of intuition

  • Dynamically price inventory based on demand

Say hello, the future of parking is here

Automatic Demand-Based Pricing 

AYM automatically raises and lowers rates based on demand

Proven success - 163% average revenue uplift in over 10 regions

Effortlessly maximize your asset value and revenue

For every level of demand, there exists a corresponding, optimized price. Smarking’s AYM system sets a price based on predicted demand, to maximize revenue within inventory and price restraints. Prices are adjusted in real-time as demand prediction evolves.

Additional revenue to your bottom line: 163% average revenue uplift 

$30-200k/yr per site in additional revenue on a single online channel

Expected demand +8%

Thursday at 1pm


Powering 2,000+ Locations

Save time and Resources

Reduce the time property managers spend on parking and better allocate resources

Increase Net Operating Income 

Effortlessly increase  the net operating income of your assets 


Performance Metrics

No more guessing - real-time visibility into location performance

 Since we deployed AYM in March 2019, we have observed continuously growing revenue increases since then up to 136% (YOY), annualizing a very meaningful NOI and asset valuation uplift.


Our partnership with Smarking helps us deliver competitive investment performance through economic and property market cycles, which is a driving principle here at LaSalle.  


LaSalle Investment Management

Watch your revenue increase through AYM

Authorize access to optimize sales channels  

Consult with our team and select locations to test 

Fast & Easy Implementation

With our advanced predictive data technology, we can get automated demand-based pricing up and running in as little as 24 hrs at your locations. 

No more guessing games or manual updates. AYM knows exactly what your rate should be next month, on a Tuesday, at 11am, for a 3hr duration


Get a Free Revenue Forecast

By leveraging your locations regional information and allocated spaces, we can forecast the revenue uplift after implementing AYM. Contact us to get started.

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