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Business intelligence and yield management for municipalities

Data-Driven Parking Policies

Get rid of time consuming reports, centralize your parking data for powerful insights. 

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Smarking has changed the way that cities manage parking. No more manual parking counts or .csv files. For cities, parking plays a vital role in municipal economic activity, contributing up to 30% of a city's overall budget. Making it a critical resource to fund various community initiatives. Leverage powerful business intelligence to inform policies, manage congestion, and improve community satisfaction.

Centralize your data and automate processes

No more car counting or excel workbooks. Consolidate your data and save time with real-time access to the performance of your locations. Compatible with 50+ PARCS and mobile platforms and 500+ data sources. No additional hardware needed. Get the insight you need to make your new pricing decisions, update your staffing allocation, and to understand new consumer behaviors.

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Save Time and Resources

Automate manual processes and reduce the time spent on parking management. No more car counting or manual reports.

Centralized Data, Fast Reports 

Aggregate your on-street meter data, garages, mobile payments, and more, for visibility into parking behaviors in the city.

Real-Time Performance Metrics

Get real-time visibility into key metrics for your locations. Simplify communication with key stakeholders (council, public, etc.)

Santa Monica- On-street-Off-Street Dynam
See how the City of Santa Monica partnered with Smarking to create Dynamic Parking Maps for On and Off Street Parking. Users can pick the day they are interested in analyzing and use the horizontal scroll bar to move through the day and by the hour.  Learn more

Stories from Municipalities

With Smarking, municipalities can implement automatic, dynamic pricing  to manage inventory allocation, congestion, and to curb expenses. Similar to the technology that has been long employed by the hotel and airline industries.
Get Automated Yield Management (AYM) free for 3 months. No hardware needed. Up and running fast.
City from Below
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Henry Espinosa, Miami Parking Authority

"Out of all the vendors we have been working with, Smarking has been the most useful during the COVID period. We look at this everyday to track how we are performing"

Henry Servin.jpeg

Henry Servin, City of Santa Monica

"Everyone knows we can't run our operation without Smarking - you are my eyes"

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Josh Naramore, The City of Grand Rapids

"Smarking gives my team the ability to be 10x more productive than they would be otherwise."

3-Months Free: Business Intelligence

Learn more about Business Intelligence and Yield Management solutions for your portfolio. Schedule a meeting or call us at 415-483-2587‬.
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