Parking Solutions for Municipalities

Use data to implement Smart Parking Policies

Smarking is changing the way that cities manage parking. No more manual parking counts and dusty old parking studies. Getting organized around parking data, gives cities the tools they need to effectively manage their parking inventory. Implement variable pricing strategies to distribute parking demand across all variable inventory.


Municipalities leverage Smarking to:


  • Implement dynamic and variable pricing strategies

  • Create smarter parking policies that fit your city

  • Track and measure the impacts of policy decisions in real time with data

  • Be transparent by publishing data-driven maps detailing parking fees and occupancy

  • Communicate real parking data and not just opinion to key stakeholders (councils, public, etc.)

  • Bottom line, provide a better parking and city-wide experience for constituents and visitors alike

Beyond improving parking operations, municipalities can leverage Smarking’s mapping functionality to make smarter land-use decisions – repurposing underused parking into higher and better uses such as parks, bike lanes and housing.

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City of Aspen Video

Hear how the City of Aspen Parking has used Smarking to inform pricing, improve parking turnover and increase revenue. Watch Now

City of Grand Rapids
Case Study

Grand Rapids engaged Smarking in order to provide a better parking experience and to advance the city’s multi-mode mobility initiatives by improving operational efficiency, continuously adopting new parking technologies, and measuring the impact of new strategies. Read More

Miami Parking Authority

Case Study

Smarking’s data analytics solution enabled the Miami Parking Authority to successfully remove meters in exchange for mobile payment.  Read More

City of Santa Monica
Case Study

Smarking Data Analytics solution helps the City of Santa Monica staff communicate parking dynamics to interested stakeholders — when and where parkers are using the City’s parking supply and how long they are staying when they park at that hour. Read More

City of Aspen Case Study

Smarking Data Analytics solution helps the City of Aspen manage seasonal parking demand. Read More

Case Studies

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