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Monthly Parking Downtown Cleveland - The Most Convenient Monthly Parking For You

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

With the constant activity in downtown Cleveland, Ohio from its busy central business district or the vast amounts of cultural or sporting events that happen on a daily basis, it is important to have your monthly parking in downtown Cleveland covered if you are continuously in the area.

Whether you're working in Cleveland or moving to the city, utilizing a monthly parking service is a must as parking in Cleveland can be a struggle on a daily basis it is important to lock in a monthly parking spot and have a reservation in one of the downtown Cleveland parking garages in the area to take away the daily hassle and avoid getting yourself a parking ticket.

Note: If you want the best monthly parking option, try our Cathedral Plaza Parking Garage. It is located within walking distance of all the local downtown landmarks. Purchase parking spots ahead of time so you won't have to struggle to find a parking space. Get yourself a Smartpass parking pass today.

Cleveland Monthly Parking

As free parking is very limited in the area, in this article we will look to find the cheapest monthly parking options, and assess the areas of accessibility and their distance to the local landmarks to find the most convenient and affordable locations for you.

There are some parking garages in the area that charge hundreds of dollars for monthly parking, however, we will compile a list to search for the best deal for you so you aren't paying any more than you have to.

Smarking Garage

One of the most flexible options in downtown Cleveland is using the Smarking flexible parking smartpass. With its secure garage located right in the heart of downtown Cleveland at the corner of East 9th Street and Rockwell Avenue, the Cathedral Plaza parking garage is the perfect location for nearly all destinations in downtown Cleveland. It is highly accessible off the highway and is just a 7-minute walk from Cleveland City Hall.

The Smarking flexible pass is one of the best parking options for long-term parking as you have the security of having a long-term parking spot in the center but with their daily and 10-day reoccurring payment passes you have the flexibility of choosing when you want to use it.

Some of the local venues and attractions that are walking distance from the garage include the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, Progressive Field Stadium, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, First Energy Stadium, and the Great Lakes Science Center.

Once you have secured your flexible pass through the Smarking app online all you have to do on the days you need your parking space is scan in and out using your QR code provided.

Huntington Garage

Huntington Garage is located at 999 Chester Ave, downtown Cleveland. It sits just off 9th Street and is accessible from Superior Ave should you be entering off the highway. The garage's normal hourly rate is $3 but you can book reserved parking here for $222 or unreserved for $179.

The opening hours for Monday, Thursday, and Sunday are 6:00 am - 9:30 pm and Friday and Saturday are 6:00 am - 12:00 am. You can pay by cash or card to park here and there is a maximum height limit of 1.90 meters for vehicles.

The Huntington Garage is a 12-minute walk from the Public Square and a 14-minute walk to the Huntington Convention Center.

Lakefront Municipal Parking

Located at 1500 South Marginal on the North end of the city, the Lakefront Municipal Parking Lot is one of the Division of Parking Facilities parking lots.

Monthly parking is $70 here and is open from 5 am to 10 pm on weekdays, where there is an attendant on duty. On special events, days parking get costs as much as $25 per day here.

This garage is a 16-minute walk away from the First Energy Stadium, where the Cleveland Browns football team plays their home games.

Gateway East Garage

The Gateway East Garage is on the south end of downtown Cleveland and is right next to the Progressive Field Stadium on Larry Doby Way, it is also very close to the Erie Street Cemetery on 9th Street. This is one of the best parking for Cleveland Guardians as it is only 1 minute away from the Progressive Field Stadium.

There is a daily rate of $7 here but monthly parking can be purchased for $80. It is open Monday to Friday 5 am - 11 pm.

You may also want to explore more parking alternatives at the Cleveland Progressive Field since it's just around the corner.

St. Clair Parking Lot

This parking lot is located on the rear end of St. Clair Hospital and monthly parking is available for $55, however as it is a hospital parking lot spaces are very limited.

This lot is located in the center of downtown and is a 10-minute walk from Cleveland City Hall.

Willard Park Garage

The Willard park garage is centrally located next to the Cleveland City Hall on Lakeside Ave. There is a daily flat rate of $25 if there is an event or monthly parking for $125.

The garage is open Monday to Friday from 5 am to 11 pm.

Other nearby attractions within walking distance from this garage are the Huntington Convention Center and Willard Park.

Local landmarks

There are many great sites and attractions in Cleveland, if you are looking for monthly parking and are in the area regularly you may want to check a few of them out. Here are a few notable places to visit while you're in the area:

  • Public Square - Cleveland's Public Square is right in the center of downtown Cleveland and is a great place to chill out and unwind. It's an 8-minute walk to the Cleveland Public Hall. As well as being a sociable place to get away from city life many events are held here, managed by The Group Plan Commission

  • Old Arcade - This is one of the most interesting architectural buildings in downtown Cleveland that stands 5 stories high, with a skylight. This 19th-century-style marketplace is a great place to do some shopping while taking in the gorgeous views.

  • Progressive Field - One of the most popular sporting Venues in Cleveland, Ohio the Progressive Field is the home of the Major League Baseball team the Cleveland Guardians. If you are a keen sports fan, you might want to head down for a game to see them in action.

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