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Parking Garages Downtown, Cleveland - Comparing The Best Parking Spots For You

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Downtown Cleveland is a thriving central business district for Cleavland, Ohio. With the lively nature of this area finding parking in the area can be a daunting task, in this article we will compare the different options for parking garages in downtown Cleveland.

As well as being a busy central business district, there are many other sites and attractions in the area such as the rock and roll hall, the Cleveland City Hall, One Cleveland Center, and being home to the NFL Cleveland Browns and the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers.

Because there is so much going on in the area it is essential to know where the best available parking is before you go. We will compare the different parking facilities to ensure you can find a convenient parking spot near the place you wish to visit and don't have to leave your car exposed to a potential parking ticket. We will look at the different rates, locations, and walking distances for nearby parking.

The parking options we will compare are:

  • Huntington Garage

  • Cathedral Plaza Garage

  • Lakefront Municipal Parking

  • Gateway East Garage

  • Willard Park Garage

  • St Clair Parking Lot

Note: if you want to park at the most convenient downtown location in Cleveland, try a Smarking Smartpass. We'll give you the best prices and flexible parking options near Cleveland Cathedral Plaza. Located close to all the great events in downtown Cleveland.

Huntington Garage

The Huntington Garage is on 999 Chester Ave and is around a 10-minute walk to downtown Cleveland. A space in this garage will cost you $3 per hour with a maximum daily rate of $12.

Monday - Friday early bird discounts are available at $7 and evening parking rates are available at $5. There is a flat rate of $5 per day Saturdays and Sundays. Monthly reserved spaces cost $222.00 and unreserved $179.00

The garage is open from:

Mon-Thu,Sun: 6:00am - 9:30pm

Fri-Sat: 6:00am - 12:00am

Cathedral Plaza Garage

Cathedral Plaza Garage is ideally located on 9th street and Rockwell Ave right in the heart of downtown Cleveland and just within walking distance of parking near Playhouse Square.

This garage is open 6 am - 10 pm Monday to Saturday and 7 am - 7 pm on Sundays.

There is a wide range of options available depending on what time you want to go and for how long you would like to stay. You can stay for as little as 15 minutes for $3 or get a daytime rate of $13. Early bird discounts are available from $7.50 as long as you are in by 8.30 am and out by 7 pm Monday to Friday. Evening rates are $6 and you can stay overnight for $10. There is a flat rate of $6 for Saturdays and Sundays.

Alternatively, you can book parking in this garage beforehand to lock in the best rates by using the Smarking app. The Smartpass and flexible day pass options will get you the best rates available for parking spaces in this complex, with a flexible day pass from Monday to Friday available for $7 and a 10-day flexible pass available for $65.

The Division of Parking Facilities

The Division of Parking Facilities is a city-run operation that takes care of the maintenance, construction, and operation of city-owned parking lots and garages throughout downtown Cleveland. The division also carries out checks across the city to ensure compliance with parking in the correct designated areas and can issue parking tickets and fines. The division runs garages that offer short term and long term parking options here is a list of their garages below:

Lakefront Municipal Parking

The Lakefront Municipal Parking Garage at 1500 S Marginal Rd is a walking distance away from the Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport. There is a late rate of $4 per day here, however, it is bumped up to $25 per day if there is a special event. Monthly parking can be purchased here at a rate of $70 but the garage is only open from 5 am to 11 pm and no overnight parking is available. You can pay on entry here with either cash or a card and the lot opens 6 hours before game time.

This may not be the best option if you are looking for downtown parking as it is around a 25-minute walk to get into the heart of downtown Cleveland.

Gateway East Garage

This parking lot is best suited to anyone looking for parking near the Progressive Field Stadium to watch a Cleveland Guardians (previously Cleveland Indians) game. It is just a 5-minute walk away from the stadium and the parking rates are $15 for Cleveland Guardians games, $10 for Cleveland Monsters, and $20 for Cleveland Cavaliers.

Parking rates start from $1 per 15 minutes on non-game days, with a daily max of $7 but you have to be out by 5.30 pm.

Willard Park Garage

This parking lot is just a short walk from the center of downtown Cleveland, Lakeside. The opening hours are 5 am to 11 pm on weekdays with an attendant on duty during these hours. One hour in this lot will cost $3.50 with an additional $1.50 for each extra half an hour, the maximum daily charge is $10 or $8 for the early bird if you are in by 8.30 am.

The daily max rate can be increased to $25 if there is a special event and no overnight parking is permitted.

Monthly parking is available for $125.

St Clair Parking Lot

The St Clair parking lot on St Clair Ave offers parking with a pay-on-the-day system and free parking is available if you are staying less than one hour. Other rates are charged at:

  • 1 – 2 hours: $4.00

  • 2 – 3 hours: $5.00

  • 3 – 4 hours: $6.00

  • Greater than 4 hours: $7.00

Special events can be charged up to $15 per day and monthly parking is available at a rate of $55, however, there is no overnight parking available here.

When you enter the garage you will have to take your ticket with you and pay at one of the following locations on the way out:

  • Third and Fourth Floor garage lobby in the Dunlap Family Outpatient Center

  • First Floor of the Professional Office Building entrance

  • First Floor of Hospital, near the Information Desk

  • Fourth Floor Hospital Lobby, across from the Cashiers Office

Because it is a hospital parking garage there are a few rules to be aware of such as a 5-mile per hour speed limit on the property, and regular patrols for violating parking and traffic regulations, such as parking in fire zones, handicapped areas, or parking on sidewalks. You will also be charged a full $7 for all lost tickets.


We have covered a range of parking garages for nearby parking in the Downtown Cleveland area. Now it is time to compare the options to find the most suitable place for you, depending on your situation.


If you're planning on going to a sporting event then the Gateway East Garage would be the option for you as it is just a 5-minute walk from the stadium. However, if you're planning on being in downtown Cleveland right in the center of town then the Cathedral Plaza Garage is by far the best location nestled in the middle of the downtown buildings.

Short term stay

If you are looking for a short-term stay of under an hour there is free parking available at the St Clair Hospital, however, you will have to start paying after that starting from $4. Huntington Garage is available for $3 per hour and the Willard park garage is available for $3.50 per hour.

Discover parking near Hilton Cleveland downtown here if you plan on staying a few nights in the hotel.

Long term stay

If you're looking to stay for a full day St Clair will cost you $7, the Willard park garage $10, the gateway east garage $7, the Huntington garage $7, or the Cathedral Plaza Garage for $7 with the Smarking flexible day pass. The clear winner here would be the Cathedral Plaza Garage with the smart day pass as it gives you the cheapest rate with the location right in the middle of downtown Cleveland.

Although some parking garages may be a close match to price with the Cathedral Plaza Garage, it is by far the best in terms of location. Another added benefit is with the Smarking app you can pre-book your parking space before you head into the area taking all the stress away of arriving without somewhere to park. The Smarking app can give you a secure spot in the neighborhood in advance.


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