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Automated Demand-Based Pricing 

AYM automatically raises and lowers rates based on demand

Proven success - 163% average revenue uplift in over 10 regions

Effortlessly maximize your asset value and revenue

Expected demand +8%

Thursday at 1pm


Automated Yield Management Technology

The airline and hotel industry has been using demand-based pricing since the 50's - and finally, it's available for parking

“ Even if we hired a full-time person just to set fees, we couldn’t post hundreds of rates multiple times a day, let alone develop the number of products and analyze the results the way Smarking’s algorithm does. 



Additional revenue to your bottom line: 163% average revenue uplift 

$30-200k/yr per site in additional revenue on a single online channel

For every level of demand, there exists a corresponding, optimized price. Smarking’s AYM system sets a price based on predicted demand, to maximize revenue within inventory and price restraints. Prices are adjusted in real-time as demand prediction evolves.

Expected demand +8%

Thursday at 1pm


Updated as demand prediction evolves 

Traditional Pricing

3-5 unique pricing levels 

Minimal pricing variations 

(3 hr rate, 8 hr rate, 24 hr rate)

Updated yearly, maybe monthly

Minimal updates ​may keep your parking assets below the market rate and may cause wide fluctuating demand.

Changes based on: 

  • How do my online rates compare to my drive-up rates?

  • How do my online rates compare with my competitors online rates?

400+ unique pricing levels

Smarking creates unique pricing for each hour (unique per day) and each duration of stay for that hour.

Updated multiple times per day

Reflects real-time demand changes, ensures your parking assets are at market price, and controls demand.

Price adjustment methodology: 

  • What is the demand for this location?

  • What price maximizes revenue and occupancy at this garage given this goals, without driving away visitors? 

AYM Pricing Method

Watch your revenue increase through AYM

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Consult with our team and select locations to test 

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With our advanced predictive data technology, we can get automated demand-based pricing up and running in as little as 24 hrs. Test it out and see for yourself. 

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Revenue Projection

Untap hidden revenue potential at your locations. 

By leveraging your locations regional information and allocated spaces, we can forecast the revenue uplift after implementing AYM. Submit your information to get started.

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