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Apply the tried and true dynamic pricing methods of the airline and hotel industries

Smarking's Automated Yield Management (AYM) solution updates your parking rates multiple times per day, for each parking property, based on the real-time and predicted demand of the location

When demand is low, rates become more competitive. During peak hours of demand, rates go up to capture revenue opportunities and control occupancy levels.

10+ markets

have shown consistent growth in demand and revenue

163%  avg

revenue uplift with Smarking's AYM- ranging from $25k - $100k on average

50% avg

increase in occupancy during low demand times

“Even if we hired a full-time person just to set fees, we couldn’t post hundreds of rates multiple times a day, let alone develop the number of products and analyze the results the way Smarking’s algorithm does.” 


Match your rates with the demand of the market, in real-time

Parking is an often-overlooked revenue stream for asset owners but the opportunity is significant.


An increase of parking revenue by hundreds of thousands of dollars can give an asset value uplift of millions of dollars. 

Expected demand +8%

Thursday at 1pm


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AYM updates rates based on real-time and predicted time 

“Since activating Smarking’s dynamic pricing engine, we’ve observed YoY revenue growth, annualizing a meaningful NOI and asset valuation uplift. Our partnership with Smarking helps us deliver competitive investment performance through economic and property market cycles, which is a driving principle here at LaSalle.”



See how it works

The Fundamentals of Yield Management & Dynamic Pricing for Parking

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How Industry Leaders are Benefitting from Dynamic Pricing

ABM Increases Revenue with Smarking's AY
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Uncover the value of dynamic pricing, quickly. Easy implementation with no commitment or upfront payment.


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