Smarking is a group of hyper-driven MIT PhDs, data scientists, engineers, transportation experts, and battle-tested business professionals who are committed to solve the last piece of puzzle in the urban mobility world - parking - via a unique angle. By providing the very first business intelligence and yield management enterprise SaaS to the parking industry, Smarking is establishing itself as an emerging leader in the massive and conventionally overlooked $100B+ parking market in the US.


Wen Sang

Chief Executive Officer

Leader of the team, Wen is an automotive engineer turned entrepreneur who pinpointed the idea behind the company while earning his PhD at MIT. A hustler, doer, and data-driven thinker, he is passionate about fixing up the information inefficiency in the parking and urban mobility industry and a lover of running, sailing, golfing, and skiing.


Maokai Lin

Chief Technology Officer

With a PhD in Applied Math / Operations Research from MIT, Maokai has danced with tons of data at Facebook and Morgan Stanley and wants to use his data expertise to propel parking into the future. The winner of a National Olympiad Medal, and the Champion of MIT Poker Bot Competition, Maokai also won “fittest baby” in his hometown at 9 months old.

Cassius Jones

Head of National Accounts

Spearheading Smarking's nation wide business development and customer success since 2015, Cassius has a passion for discovering new ways of leveraging Smarking’s Business Intelligence and Yield Management platforms to enable business successes for commercial real estate managers, municipal parking managers, parking operations professionals, and many others in this $100B+ massive but overlooked industry. A former UBS banker, Cassius graduated from William and Mary with a degree in Finance and enjoys spending his spare time at the gym and beating his colleagues in board games.

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