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Streamline processes, make data-driven decisions, and increase parking revenue 

Expected demand +8%

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VPNE piloted the AYM platform at the end of 2018. By July 2019, AYM has led to a 101% increase in online revenue on a single online sales channel. At a 5% cap rate, AYM’s revenue contribution represents $9.7 million in parking asset value uplift for VPNE’s clients.

See How the Parking Industry is Evolving with Smarking 

Case studies for parking owners, operators, and municipalities 

​​Smarking's AYM system will automatically adjust your rates up and down based on predicted demand, to maximize your asset value.  

  • Increase the asset value of your locations 

  • Save time with automated price updates 

  • Effortlessly manage demand and occupancy

163% average revenue uplift

Expected demand +8%

Thursday at 1pm


Automate Processes 

Get rid of excel consolidation, and filtering through countless emails. Save time and get the information you need, fast. 

Uncover Key Insights

  • 30-day revenue and occupancy projection

  • Oversell analysis and recommendations

  • Revenue, duration and occupancy analysis 

Real-Time Holistic View 

You can't identify trends with disparate data. Smarking is compatible with 450 versions of parking systems.

Smarking is the leading BI provider with the expertise to:

  • Extract parking data, regardless of the equipment type

  • Mine the data to enable actionable insights 

  • Clean your data to identify and remove inaccuracies

  • Understand the nuances of on-going support to maintain data integrity through equipment failures, system updates, operational interruptions, etc. 

of your raw data is unusable for actionable insights, on average

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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Technology Officer


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