Business Intelligence for Parking Management

Streamline processes, make data-driven decisions, and increase parking revenue 

Expected demand +8%

Thursday at 1pm


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  • Increase the asset value of your locations 

  • Save time with automated price updates 

  • Effortlessly manage demand through optimized pricing ​

Additional revenue to your bottom line: 163% average revenue uplift

$30-200k/yr per site in additional revenue on a single online channel

Expected demand +8%

Thursday at 1pm


Automate Processes 

Get rid of excel consolidation, and filtering through countless emails. Save time and get the information you need, fast. 

Uncover Key Insights

  • 30-day revenue and occupancy projection

  • Oversell analysis and recommendations

  • Revenue, duration and occupancy analysis 

Real-Time Holistic View 

You can't identify trends with disparate data. Smarking is compatible with 450 versions of parking systems.

Complimentary Consultation

We'll make it the best use of your time, let us know what you're interested in: 
  • Discuss your needs or current challenges
  • Get a revenue uplift projection for AYM 
  • Use-cases in your industry 
  • View a live demo of the Business Intelligence tool 
  • Data integration, implementation or pricing 

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