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Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Smarking is a software company that specializes turning transaction-level parking data into actionable insights. Our clients own or manage parking assets and have a variety of technology systems in place to manage their inventory.


By consolidating parking data from meters, mobile payments, access control equipment, etc., our platform provides a holistic view of parking operations.
Allowing users to dive deep into occupancy, revenue, and duration data to identify trends, be proactive and optimize operations. 


Smarking for Parking Owners

We help real estate owners get organized around their parking revenue.
Our platform allows for increased transparency and monitoring into the performance of facilities and gives teams the data that they need when negotiating parking with tenants.


Smarking is also helpful during acquisitions and dispositions, in helping prospective buyers and sellers gain insight into historical performance of
the asset to arrive at more meaningful valuation figures.


Smarking for Parking Operators

No more manual report consolidation and car counting. Smarking automates the redundant, manual processes associated with a parking operator’s day-to-day operations.


Garage managers can view key statistics in real-time on their phones, spending less time crunching numbers and more time in the garage maximizing the customer experience.


Regional managers can view all locations in one place and quickly identify which locations are on track to hit monthly goals and which locations might need a little extra attention.


Smarking for Municipalities

With meter, mobile payment, and PARCS systems, cities are generating more parking data than ever before. In order to understand occupancy trends and utilization rates, transactions from various systems need to be consolidated and analyzed. Smarking automates this process and provides flexible analysis tools to look at any time range, date period, or location.


We’ve helped manage seasonality through price changes in Aspen, CO; implement a variable pricing strategy in Tempe, AZ; and understand the impact of ending time restrictions in Santa Cruz, CA.


Smarking for Airports

Airport parking dynamics are changing. With the advent of TNC’s, online sales channels and plentiful off airport parking options – static prices and single product offerings no longer cut it. Smarking gives airports the insights that they need to better understand demand patterns, establish parking products to fit their patron’s needs and dynamically price inventory to maximize revenues.


Unlock hidden revenue opportunities with Automated Yield Management

City of Aspen case study

Hear how the City of Aspen Parking has used Smarking to inform pricing, improve parking turnover and increase revenue. Watch Now


Premier Parking case study

Premier Parking is quickly becoming a leader in the parking industry. Unparalleled customer service, innovative and forward-thinking solutions and a technology focused approach have led Premier to operate, manage and support a wide range of industries. Read More

MIT Case Study

With over 11,000 students, MIT is in need of more student housing and is planning to convert parking lots into dormitories to fulfill this need.  ​Read about how Smarking's dashboard was used to track parking demand and the initiatives set forth by AccessMIT. Read More

Smarking_KPI dashboard.png
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Business Intelligence for Parking Management

Centralize your parking data, (all PARCS, online channels, etc.). Focus on the locations that need your attention without losing sight of your portfolio.

Dynamic parking rates for your locations. Based on historical data, real-time demand, and your occupancy objectives. 

For every level of demand, there exists a corresponding, optimized price.

  • Increase the asset value of your locations 

  • Save time with automated price updates 

  • Effortlessly manage demand through optimized pricing ​

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Smarking_Leading Business Intelligence S
Smarking_Leading Business Intelligence S

Automate Processes 

Get rid of excel consolidation, and filtering through countless emails. Save time and get the information you need, fast. 

Uncover Key Insights

  • 30-day revenue and occupancy projection

  • Oversell analysis and recommendations

  • Revenue, duration and occupancy analysis 

Real-Time Holistic View 

You can't identify trends with disparate data. Smarking is compatible with 450 versions of parking systems.

3-Months Free: Business Intelligence

Learn more about Business Intelligence and Yield Management solutions for your portfolio. Schedule a meeting or call us at (855) 949-4800‬.
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