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Smarking is leading the parking industry in providing data management solutions, allowing owners and operators to make informed decisions in an increasingly dynamic and complex market.


No other organization provides off-the-shelf integration with 40+ PARCS vendors and equipment. Our integration services get our customers up and running on the Smarking business intelligence tools quickly, so that parking professionals can spend time optimizing parking operations.

"When we select operators to manage our parking facilities, previous experience working with Smarking is an important parameter."

- Russ Davis, Vice President, Unico Properties

"Smarking gives our garage and regional managers the tools to run an efficient and more profitable business."

- Nick Litton, Chief Operating Officer, VPNE

"The Smarking dashboard provides a highly valuable management tool that is unparalleled by anything I've encountered in the parking industry."

- Lisa Royer, VP of Marketing, Premier Parking

“If you can’t measure it - you can’t manage it. Smarking gives me the ability to do both!” ​

- Doug Hausladen, Dir. of Transportation, Park New Haven​

​"Smarking allows me to understand how my tenants are using parking and ​gives me the data I need during tenant renewals." 

- David Kim, Senior Associate, Brookfield Properties

"Working with Smarking it quickly became clear that they had the next evolution of data management that we have been looking for to take parking management to the next level."

- Gary Khor, Director of IT, EasyPark

"Smarking gives my team the ability to be 10x more productive than they would be otherwise."

- Josh Naramore, GR & Parking Mgr., City of Grand Rapids

"It takes me about 3 hours per day to run the reports from our PARCS and convert them into graphs, as our clients are really interested in how occupancy and price per ticket change day to day. Now I can get them immediately through Smarking. In addition to my meeting my client's request, I can also make decisions on staffing and pricing on an event day, based on the traffic flow of previous event days provided in Smarking."


- Christina Murray, Sr. Account Manager, Premier Parking

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