Oct 21-24, 2019

National Parking Association Annual Conference & Expo

Orlando, FL

Oct 3-5, 2019

2019 IPMI Leadership Summit

Pittsburgh, PA

Jun 9-12, 2019

IPMI Conference & Expo

Anaheim, CA

Mar 27-28, 2019

CRETech LA Conference

"The Revolution Will Now Be Mobilized"

Wen Sang, CEO, Speaker

Los Angeles, CA

Mar 20, 2019

Industry Thought Leadership Webinar: Delivering Real, Smart City Results - TODAY

Presented by Carla Hansen, Deputy City Manager, City of Walnut Creek


Listen to Walnut Creek’s Parking and Mobility Manager Carla Hansen, as she walks through how the City’s partnership with Smarking has 1) Helped implement smarter parking policy; 2) Facilitated shared parking arrangements across the public and private sector and; 3) Digitized and consolidated availability data for private and public parking in Walnut Creek to provide real time and predicted digital way-finding capabilities directly into connected vehicles.

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Mar 11-14, 2019

Parking Industry Exhibition (PIE)

Chicago, IL

Feb 8, 2018
Industry Thought Leadership Webinar: SFMTA and Demand-Responsive Parking Pricing
Presented by Hank Willson

San Francisco will be the first U.S. city to implement a “demand-responsive pricing” program citywide - across all 28,000 on-street parking meters and SFMTA managed garages and lots. The decision to implement this new pricing approach was the result of six years of analysis and study​.


Viewers will learn how demand-based pricing programs can:

  • Increase revenues for local businesses

  • Lower parking rates for residents and visitors-

  • Decrease parking search time, and vehicle miles traveled

More importantly, attendees will take away lessons learned from the process that can be applied to parking operations across the country.

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Nov 9, 2017

Industry Thought Leadership Webinar: Staying Ahead of Urban Mobility Changes

Presented by Rick West

With autonomous driving on the horizon and the growing adoption of ride sharing and other urban mobility shifts, the parking industry is expecting even greater changes in the future. What is the real impact to parking asset investors, owners, and developers? How should parking asset professionals prepare to stay ahead of the market?

  • What's the real impact from A/V, ride share, and many other urban mobility changes to the parking industry so far

  • The outlook of the parking real estate landscape and its potential impact to parking operations

  • Best practices to prepare for a changing environment in investing, developing, and managing parking assets


Rick West is the Managing Director of West FSI, who advises some of the largest infrastructure funds in the world on parking asset investing and management in the U.S. His work has involved more than a billion dollars in parking company mergers and acquisitions, dispositions and financing in the past fifteen years, including the recent acquisition of Chicago Millennium Garages.

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