Turn Your Parking Data

Into Actionable Insights

Untap hidden revenue opportunities with real-time visibility into your parking portfolio 

Access the Data You Own

Connect your locations 

Compatible with 40+ data sources/400+ versions. No hardware needed. 

Rely on clean, real-time data

Data extraction plus cleaning, pipelining, and warehousing.

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User-friendly Dashboard

View all of your locations in one place, focus on the KPI's that matter most.

Business Intelligence for Parking Asset Management

Centralize Your Data 

No more car counting or manual excel consolidation. Save time and resources with real-time views of your locations.

Uncover Key Insights 

  • Revenue, duration and occupancy analysis 

  • Oversell analysis and recommendations

  • Track your budget 

  • 30-day revenue and occupancy projection

The software is just the beginning. We provide you with full lifecycle support. 

Software as a Service

Your parking consultants 

Think of us as your in-house parking consultant. With our deep industry expertise, we can support your yield management goals, help you enact policy changes, increase revenue, etc. 

Adoption is an ongoing process

We understand the challenges of organization-wide technology adoption and we're there every step of the way (training, consultations, on-site demos, private webinars, etc.)

Lean on us for marketing support 

Need to evaluate your ROI? We'll measure and document your success to support your marketing efforts and help you grow your business. 

Focus on the locations that need your attention, without losing sight of your portfolio

Customized to highlight the metrics most relevant to your business. Anomaly detection can alert users on specified occupancy levels.

Daily Email Digest & Alerts

Analyze the unique parking behavior associated with individual tenants to make targeted oversell decisions​ based on usage patterns.

Oversell Analysis

The system analyzes historical and real-time data to predict future occupancy and revenue for up to 30 days in advance.

Revenue & Occupancy Projection

Competitor Pricing

Stay competitive, see how competitor locations are pricing parking on various online sales portals and price change alerts.

Revenue & Occupancy Analysis​

  • View by day, week, month, or year

  • Validation and discount analysis (early bird, evening special, etc.)

  • Transaction and price/ticket analysis

Duration Analysis

  • By day, week, or year

  • Duration by parker segmentation (transient, contract, or aggregator)

  • Duration analysis by time of entry

Smarking is the leading BI provider with the expertise to:

  • Extract parking data, regardless of the equipment type

  • Mine the data to enable actionable insights 

  • Clean your data to identify and remove inaccuracies

  • Understand the nuances of on-going support to maintain data integrity through equipment failures, system updates, operational interruptions, etc. 

of your raw data is unusable for actionable insights, on average

"Now we know where we can increase revenue, where we can cut costs, and what could happen if we change rates or switch equipment. Smarking  helps us make decisions." 

"It used to take me 3 hrs/day to run the reports from our PARCS, as our clients are really interested in how occupancy and price change day to day. Now, I can get them immediately. I can also make data-driven decisions on staffing and pricing for an event day."


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