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Lafayette Square Parking, Oakland: Where To Park In 2022

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Lafayette Square is located in Downtown Oakland. Right in the middle of Oaklands central business district. The square was named after Marquis de Lafayette. A French military officer of the American Revolutionary War. There are a number of other parks in America which have been named after him. Including the parks in New Orleans and Washington DC.

Downtown Oakland is home to a number of major businesses and organizations. Its lively business nature means it is the city's busiest area on any given day. As well as its thriving business district, downtown Oakland also has a lot of cultural and tourist attractions.

Due to the popularity of the area, if you're looking to find parking near Lafayette square, you may find it difficult. As the area is always busy, spaces can get taken pretty quickly if you haven't booked a spot.

Oakland City Center Garage

Although nearby parking can often be difficult, there is an easy way to ensure you have a parking spot even before you enter the area. Smarking offers access to a number of different parking garages in the downtown Oakland area. You can take advantage of their daily or 10-day smart flexible passes to get the best rate in that garage. You must select the pass that suits you, get your QR code, and swipe in and out on the day. Head over to the Smarking website for more information.

Booking a space in advance can be beneficial in many ways. You will not only avoid the hassle of finding a spot on the day. You won't have the worry of getting a parking ticket if you are forced to park on the street. Having a pre-booked spot on a secure site beforehand will take away this problem for you. Check out the Oakland City Center Garage website for details on their parking fees.

Here is a list of parking options near Lafayette Square:

Oakland Arena

Oakland Arena parking is available on-site for all events. Additionally, it offers parking for buses, RVs, and limousines. A designated parking space will be provided for people who have ADA placards.

Pre-purchasing parking at Oakland Arena is recommended. Because there might not be any spots left on the event day. The following are the rates:

$40 for a car and a motorcycle (standard-sized vehicle)

RV, limo, or bus: $120 (OSV in any vehicle longer than 18 feet and broader than 9 feet)

With VIP parking, you can enter and exit without hassle at gates 5 or 8. As well as parking lots G or H for a fee of $70.

Platinum parking will take you only steps from the venue gates and cost $100. This parking space will ensure you are at your seats faster. You'll enter and leave at gate 5 and park in lot GG. However, parking in the platinum parking lot is not permitted for limos or other vehicles over 18'.

Two hours before an event begins, the parking gates will open. One hour before the beginning of the event, the arena doors open. So be sure to check the start time and end time of the event. In front of the Oakland arena, tailgating is permitted. However, each car can only park in one stall due to the limited number of parking spaces.

Pacific Renaissance Plaza

This garage is located between Webster St and 9th street. It is an ideal spot if you're interested in spending any time in Chinatown.

Short-term parking at this garage costs $1 for the first half-hour and $1 more for each consecutive half-hour. The max daily rate here is $24.

Overnight accommodations for 24 hours cost $30. The garage's hours are as follows:

  • Mon - Thur : 7am - 11pm

  • Fri - Sat : 7am - 12am

  • Sun: 7am - 11pm

The maximum vehicle height in this parking lot is 2.08 meters, and there are 356 places available.

Franklin 88

The Franklin 88 garage is located on Franklin street and 9th street. This parking lot is a 9-minute walk from the park. Franklin 88 offers a number of options at various prices.

These options range from $1.50 for an hour to $12 for seven hours, all day, every day. If you are in by 10 am on Monday through Friday, you may take advantage of an early bird deal for just $10.

You can pay $14 for the full day until closing, with the option of overnight parking for an extra $10.

There is a set rate of $6 if you're in after 5 pm Out by 11 pm (Monday - Friday) In after 6 am Out by 11 pm (Saturday and Sunday). This garage is open 6:00am - 11:00pm everyday.

Aki Parking

Both all-day and temporary parking options are available at Aki Parking. Parking is $2 for the first 30 minutes and $1 more for each consecutive 30 minutes. You can pay $10 for 24 hours if you want to stay for the entire day. If you arrive after 3 PM, evening parking is available for $2. The Aki parking lot is located near Broadway on 8th St.

East Bay Parking

East Bay is another parking garage close to Chinatown at 726 Harrison St. You can pay $3 for an hourly stay there or $8 for a full day if you arrive after 7 am and go before 8 pm.

An overnight option is available if you arrive after 7 p.m. and depart before 8 am for $4. The garage is open 24 hours a day, every day.

Old Oakland Lot

The Old Oakland Lot is just a 6-minute walk from Lafayette square at 822 Washington Street. The garage is open all day every day with different prices for daytime and evenings.

For Monday through Thursday, the daytime cost is $14 as long as you arrive after 4.30 am and go before 5 pm. For Friday through Sunday, the daytime fee is $10 as long as you arrive by 4.30 am and leave by 5 pm.

If you arrive after 5 p.m. and depart before 4.30 am, the evening fee is $5. This offer is valid every day


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