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Overnight Parking Downtown Oakland - What Are The Options?

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Downtown Oakland is a lively diverse area of California, located next to San Francisco. It is diverse in aspects such as the neighborhoods, people, bars, and food on offer. To the city staples, boutique shops, and art and murals that can be found on any random wall in the city. Whatever reason you're entering the area. We have you covered for overnight parking in downtown Oakland.

As the downtown area is such a popular spot. Parking can sometimes be a challenge as spaces fill up quickly. It is highly advisable to book a space before you intend to enter the area. As you don't want to be street parking and run the risk of getting a ticket. Also if you are planning to park overnight. It would be recommended to use a secure parking garage for security. Free parking is also hard to come by in the area. In this article, we'll go over the different spots you can park at and the downtown Oakland parking costs.

Note: Smarking Flexible parking offers access to a number of secure garages all over the downtown area. Its easy-to-navigate site can help you book flexible passes at ease. So you don't have to worry about finding parking in the area once you arrive.

To save you the hassle of looking for parking in Oakland when you arrive for your overnight stay. This article will help to find the parking garages that offer the best parking rates for overnight stays. Otherwise, if you’re looking for long-term parking, monthly parking options in Downtown Oakland are also available.

Oakland City Center Garage

Many garages in the downtown area operate on a pay-on-the-day system. However, you don't know if these garages are already full until you turn up, like the Oakland City Center Parking Garage. Smarking allows you to book in advance so you already have a parking space pre-booked. Use their flexible day pass to secure the best rates on a parking garage in downtown Oakland.

Pacific Renaissance Plaza

If you're looking for parking near downtown Chinatown, the Pacific Renaissance Plaza is right in the heart of it. This garage is, located between Webster and 9th Streets. It is just a one-minute walk away from the center of Chinatown. A 24-hour overnight stay here will cost you $30. The garage is open from:

  • Monday - Thursday: 7am - 11pm

  • Friday - Saturday: 7am - 12am

  • Sunday: 7am - 11pm

Aki Parking

Aki parking is another lot close to Chinatown. It is located on Broadway between 7th and 8th Street, just off the Nimitz freeway.

This garage is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 24-hour parking costs $10 here. Disabled spaces are available here and there are no height restrictions for vehicles. This garage is not covered.

Payment is ash for this garage and is offered in the form of an honesty box. Although this may not be the best option to secure a space before you go. As you cant pre-book and there are only 50 spaces available on the day.

Franklin Plaza Garage

This garage is located On Franklin Street, next to Broadway on 19th. It is just a 4-minute walk away from the Paramount Theater and surrounded by many bars and restaurants.

Overnight parking is available here for $6. The garage is open from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday.

Disabled spaces are available here and there is a maximum height of 6' 6" for vehicles. You can pay by either cash or card. There are 373 spaces available in this garage.

No parking spaces available? Try Paramount Theater parking since it's nearby.

Douglas Parking Lot 3

Douglas Parking Lot 3 is located at 1405 Franklin St on 14th Street. The lot is just around the corner from the Frank H Ogawa Plaza and Oakland City Hall.

The garage has disabled spaces available and there are no height restrictions for vehicles. An overnight stay here will cost you $10 if you are In after 4 pm Out by 4:30 am Monday to Friday.

Payment is available through cash, card, or by phone. There will also be an attendant on duty. There are 100 spaces available in this lot.

No available spaces? Find more parking spots by the Frank Ogawa Plaza here.

Oakland International Airport

Oaklands Airport is located on the East side of the city and is around an 18-minute drive from the center of downtown.

There is a charge of $38 for a 24-hour stay here. The garage is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are dedicated ADA and special needs spaces and call boxes for 24/7 assistance if you should need them.

If you have an electric vehicle there is free electric vehicle charging. The stations are located in front of Terminal 2 near sections G2, J2, and K2.

1515 Harrison St

This garage is located on 15th and Harrison Street. It is just opposite Hien's Market and is within walking distance to the Oakland City Hall.

Overnight stays here cost $5 providing you are in after 4 pm and out by 5 am. The garage is open all day and night Monday through to Sunday.

There are disabled spaces available here and no height restrictions for vehicles. You have the option of either paying by cash, card, or mobile phone.

Oakland Convention Center Garage

The Oakland Convention Center Garage is located on 10th Street and Broadway, near Old Oakland. The lot is only a few blocks after coming off the freeway. The garage is within walking distance from Lincoln Square Park and Madison Park. Just 8 minutes away by foot.

Although it is in a good location, a 24-hour overnight stay here will cost $45. So there are cheaper options available. The garage is open 24 hours, Monday to Sunday and there are height restrictions for vehicles over 6' 8.

This garage operates on a pay-on-the-day system.

If you can't find any available spaces here though, you can try parking by Lincoln Square Park since it's just a few minutes away.

Smart & Final Lot

This is another parking lot from the Douglas Parking Lot group. It is located on 10th Street near Broadway. It is located opposite the Oakland Marriott Hotel.

You can also find available parking around Oakland Marriott Hotel in case the Smart & Final Lot is filled up.

You can get a 24-hour stay here for $18. this garage is open 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

Disabled spaces are available here and you can pay via your phone. There are no height restrictions here for vehicles. However there are only 36 spaces, so there may not be availability. Discover more Oakland parking lots.


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