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Downtown Oakland Parking - Find the Best Garage in the Heart of the City

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Looking for parking options in downtown Oakland? With so much going on around the area, finding the perfect parking spot might be a bit harder than you thought. As with most other cities, the downtown area of Oakland is not just about business. It is also a historical, cultural, and entertainment center full of theaters, restaurants, street murals, and lots of attractions to explore.

So if you are attending an event, business meeting, sightseeing or staying in a hotel in downtown Oakland you may want to have a parking plan ahead of time, to avoid delays and the stress of driving around. While there may be some street parking options from time to time, these are usually recommended for short stays as they may not be the safest option, and you risk getting parking tickets.

But there's good news! With the SmartPass by Smarking, you can pay and reserve your parking space in advance. Spend a worry-free day leaving your car in a safe, convenient garage in downtown Oakland, near many hotels and popular attractions.

Find a Convenient Parking Garage in Downtown Oakland

A great alternative to endlessly driving around looking for street parking is to go straight to your preferred garage. To help you plan ahead, we'll review the different downtown parking rates and locations. Check out this list of convenient parking garages near downtown and the bay area.

Oakland City Center Garage

If you prefer to park the smart way, then make a reservation ahead of time and we'll have the perfect parking spot waiting for you at the parking garage for Oakland City Center. Our facility is located beneath City Center, past Clay street on 14th St. Access is only allowed for passholders using a mobile QR code, so it's one of the safest options in the area, not to mention you don't risk finding a full garage and having to drive around. Get your SmartPass for in/out access throughout the day, we're also open on weekends!

Franklin Plaza Garage

This parking garage is located on 1719 Franklin St, a couple of blocks away from the Fox Theatre. It offers affordable covered parking with rates starting at $2 per hour and going up to $36 as a daily maximum. If you arrive before 9:30 a.m. you can get an early bird flat rate of $15 as long as you're out by 8:00 p.m., and the overnight rate is $6. They also offer an evening rate of $10 if you arrive after 4:00 p.m.

Douglas Parking Lot 21st

Another convenient option in the downtown area is the Douglas Parking lot. While this is not a garage, its great location on 21st street and Broadway next to the Paramount Theater's box office, makes it a popular option among visitors of the area. Their parking rates start at $4 per hour, or you can pay $16 as a flat daily rate. Keep in mind it is a small parking lot, so still plan a bit of extra time to find another option as it may fill up pretty quickly, especially if there is an event nearby.

Trans Pacific Centre Garage

This is an underground parking option located on 11th St. and Broadway, just a couple of streets from Lincoln Square Park. Their parking rates start at $2 for the first 15 minutes and go up to a daily maximum of $24. The evening flat rate is $10 if you arrive after 3:00 p.m., although during special events in the area these rates may change, so make sure to double check before entering. They are only open from Monday - Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm.

Harrison Garage

The Harrison garage, located on 1200 Harrison St is another very affordable nearby option. They charge $1 per 20 minutes and go up to a maximum of $24 with an early bird special rate of $12 (in by 9:30 a.m. and out by 7:00 p.m.). Overnight parking in downtown Oakland in this garage is available for $4, but keep in mind the garage is only open Monday - Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Popular Locations Near Downtown Oakland

Take a minute to read about some of the most popular locations to see during your visit in downtown Oakland. All of these attractions are just minutes away from the Smarking garage, so you can take your time and visit them all, while your car is safely parked with us!

Paramount Theater

The Paramount Theater, located on 2025 Broadway, is one of San Francisco Bay Area major performing arts venues. It is an ode to Art Deco and a National Historic Landmark. If you are around, check out their event listing and catch one of their amazing shows if you're lucky. The theater hosts year-round events such as concerts, lectures and classic films screenings. It is also home of the Oakland Symphony and Ballet.

Frank Ogawa Plaza

Take a break and a nice breath of fresh air at the Frank Ogawa Plaza, located on San Pablo Avenue at the cross of Broadway and 14th St. Parking is not a problem in this area. There are plenty of locations where you can park. Check out other parking options at the Frank Ogawa Plaza here.

The plaza is home to the Oakland City Hall, and if you are an architecture freak, you'll be happy to admire some Beaux-Arts-styled buildings from the early 20th century all around the area. The on-site amphitheater hosts nice public dance and music performances from time to time, so it's a great place to hang out for a while before going back to your busy day.

This is also 5 minutes away from parking spaces near Oakland Arena in case you can't find any available spaces.

Preservation Park

Are you up for a walk around a beautiful Victorian neighborhood? Then head to the Preservation Park, located on Martin Luther King Jr Way and 12th Street, where you'll find 16 beautiful residences that were transformed into an ingenious 2.6-acre workplace and event space. It is open to the public during the day, and it makes for an interesting walk back in time. If you're hungry, grab a bite at the Rio California restaurant, where you'll have an excellent Brazilian lunch.

Oakland Ferry Terminal

The Oakland Ferry terminal is located in Jack London Square in Oakland, California. Jack London Square is a great place to visit. You have easy access to restaurants, cafes, museums, historic theatres, parks and more! Just make sure to book a parking spot beforehand so you don't need to worry about the hassle when you get there. There are a few available parking spots near the Oakland Ferry Terminal.

Oakland City Center

The Oakland City Center is a must-visit shopping, dining and business hub, where you'll definitely find something for everyone to enjoy. Enjoy free outdoor concerts, nationally known retail shops, local-favorite dining options, and state-of-the-art business suites. The variety of events and amenities available at this incredible aesthetic plaza makes it THE place to be. Luckily, you already know the perfect parking place; the Smarking garage!

There are definitely a lot of things to do in Downtown Oakland, tons of fun activities, great food to try and nice places to visit and one day might not be enough to explore the city. And if you decide to stay longer and are concerned about where to park, worry no more as monthly parking options in Downtown Oakland are also available!

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