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You can get mobile-friendly daily passes, monthly passes, and overnight parking

Oakland City Center Parking Pass


Flexible Weekday Pass - $21

If you need flexibility throughout the month, these flexible day passes are perfect for you (4-day minimum) 

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Flexible Monthly Pass - $300

When you need a flexible monthly pass, you can get a 4-week recurring parking pass.


Weekend Day Pass - $5

Enjoy reduced-rate parking on weekends! 

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Hotel Parking Pass - $25

If you just need a hotel multi-day pass, you can get access to our convenient garage for just $25. Enjoy in and out privileges (no vehicle retrieval between 10pm and 7am).

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No More Citations, Tickets, or Meters!

If you’re tired of feeding the meter just to avoid citations and tickets throughout the day, let SmartPass make your day easier. With our passes, you can just pull up, park your car, and go about your business.

The Oakland City Center public parking garage is secure, with only those who have a pass getting access. Just use your QR code from your mobile phone and scan in and out as needed.

Safe Oakland City Center Public Parking Lot

Within Walking Distance of Popular Destinations

The Oakland City Center lot is located within walking distance of a number of popular locations, such as:

Fox Theater

The Fox Theater is a beautiful former movie house in Oakland that hosts live shows, private events, and even classes for the Oakland School for the Arts. It’s just a 10-minute walk from our garage.

BART Station

The Bay Area Rapid Transit system provides convenient transportation to many nearby areas. The closest station is just a 15-minute walk from the parking structure.

Courtyard Marriott

If you’re staying at the Courtyard Marriott or attending an event there, our parking structure is just a short 5-minute walk away. View more Oakland Marriott parking options.

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Other Locations Near Our Parking Structure

Here are other locations near our parking structure:

  • Oakland City Hall (5-minute walk)

  • Preservation Park (8-minute walk)

  • Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse (10-minute walk)

  • IRS Building (3-minute walk)

  • Asian Cultural Center (9-minute walk)

  • Oakland Convention Center (6-minute walk)

  • Seulberger’s Florist (5-minute walk)

  • Downtown Wine Merchants (5-minute walk)

  • Domain Oakland Apartments (5-minute walk)

  • Lincoln University (8-minute walk)

  • The Clorox Company (3-minute walk)

  • U.S. Post Office (4-minute walk)

  • Oakland Public Library (8-minute walk)

  • Trap Kitchen (6-minute walk)

  • Golden Lotus Vegan Restaurant (4-minute walk)

  • Fountain Cafe & Catering (6-minute walk)

  • AIA East Bay Chapter (5-minute walk)

Reserve Your Parking Permit Today!

Don’t make parking near Oakland City Center more complicated than it needs to be. Reserve your parking permit with SmartPass today and enjoy easy, secure parking within walking distance of your destinations.

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