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[Webinar] COVID-19 and the Recovery of China's Parking Market: Learnings and Early Indicators

China's parking market has stabilized at 70% of its' 2019 volume in the past two weeks. Before that, volume had been growing for about 10 weeks with an average 5%-10% increase per week. What can we learn from their experience, and what can we expect in the months ahead? Featuring the President and CEO SunSea, China's largest parking operator, and the COO of Tingjiandan, China's largest online mobile parking platform. • The impact in the early stages • Early signs of recovery: YOY volume, revenue, and timeframe • Looking ahead, what Q3 and Q4 may look like during the recovery stages • Recommendations to the American parking industry Meet the panel: Yan Liang, CEO of SunSea Tony Jiang, President of SunSea Henry Lu, COO of Tingjiandan Hosted by Dr. Wen Sang, CEO, Smarking This is a one-hour webinar with 40 minutes of panelist insight and recommendations for recovery planning, the remaining 15-20 minutes are for an interactive Q&A with attendees. The full session recording will be provided to all registrants.


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