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Maximizing Your Parking Revenue with ParkHub and Smarking

Updated: Dec 16, 2022


George Baker Sr., Chairman, ParkHub

Conner Mowles, President, ParkHub

Wen Sang, CEO, Smarking

With Moderation From:

Chris Elliston, CRO, ParkHub

Smarking has been acquired by ParkHub, a leader in software and payment solutions for the parking industry! In this webinar we introduced customers, partners, and industry participants to our combined team.

During the session, George Baker Sr., Chairman of ParkHub, Conner Mowles, President of ParkHub, Chris Elliston, CRO of ParkHub, and Wen Sang, CEO of Smarking, discussed the merger and our shared vision.

Agenda Schedule

  1. What is the direction and the future of the industry? (digitization in all aspects of parking management)

  2. Why did ParkHub and Smarking get together? (software solutions, partnership instead of competition driven, winter-proof financial backing by LLR, parking owner/operator focused)

  3. How would this benefit the clients of each company? (7 solutions in the collection to solve all problems, 10X lower upfront cost friction for solution adoption, enterprise white glove services with verticalized and dedicated professional/success service teams...)

  4. How would this benefit other technology providers in the industry? (a collaboration instead of competition/zero-sum driven approach/culture for the industry)


  • Would this create conflict of interests for Operators? [Why not and how this benefits all]

  • What difference can ParkHub & Smarking make for the industry when it comes to new challenges and opportunities? “Hybrid work mode” “EV” “Climate Change”...

  • What change(s) would you like to see happen in the industry?

  • What advice do you have for newbies in the industry?

if you have more questions, please contact us at

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Colby Adkins
Colby Adkins
7 days ago

ParkHub, a pioneer in parking industry software and payment solutions, has acquired Smarking! We presented our merged team to clients, partners, and industry participants during this webinar. Dordle

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