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Harbor Park Garage Generates Additional $350k+ Annualized Revenue Using Smarking’s SmartPass

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

In Q1 2022, Gateway Parking Services (GPS) sought to fill capacity at its large Harbor Park Garage in Inner Harbor, Baltimore, and to capture tourist & leisure parkers visiting nearby attractions such as the National Aquarium and the Port Discovery Children’s Museum.

GPS President Andrew Sachs, CAPP, an entrepreneur and digital media expert who has pioneered online marketing in the parking industry, knew that many of these visitors planned their parking in advance of arrival. As such, a key component of his growth strategy involved targeting specific parkers with customized products (a discounted Aquarium parking pass, a flexible day pass, a St. Patrick’s Day event pass, etc.), which could be marketed and purchased online.

To activate the strategy, GPS partnered with Smarking and launched SmartPass, the leading digital parking platform designed to meet the evolving parker’s needs.

Harbor Park Garage, Baltimore, Maryland

The Garage Is Located Near Major Harbor Attractions, Including The National Aquarium

SmartPass integrated seamlessly with Harbor Park Garage’s PARCS provider, TIBA. In the initial months, SmartPass parkers scanned a QR code of their SmartPass upon arrival. More recently, after a SmartPass+TIBA upgrade leveraging license plate recognition (LPR), parkers can simply show up and the gate opens for them.

In partnership with Smarking, GPS was able to not only create customized parking products, but to aggressively promote them online. Today, Harbor Park’s SmartPass products are marketed and purchasable from a number of online channels, including:

1. The websites of major nearby attractions, including The National Aquarium, Port Discovery, and Baltimore Soundstage

SmartPass is the First Link on the National Aquarium’s Website

SmartPass is the Only Parking Link on the Port Discovery Museum’s Website

2. Harbor Park Garage’s own webpage

3. Google & Google Maps

SmartPass is Purchasable Directly from Google