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ACE Parking Adds $100k+ Annualized Revenue at Oakland City Center Using Smarking's SmartPass

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Oakland City Center

In Q1 2022, ACE Parking sought opportunities to generate demand and capture new parkers at Oakland City Center garage as workers began to return to the office.

In order to grow parker volume, ACE Parking partnered with Smarking and launched SmartPass, a suite of flexible, digital parking passes designed to meet the evolving parker’s needs.

With SmartPass, ACE Parking was able to offer customized parking products, including single-day passes, flexible number-of-day passes, hotel overnight passes, and full monthly passes. SmartPass seamlessly integrated with Parkonect, ACE Parking’s PARCS provider, allowing customers to scan a QR code of their SmartPass upon arrival.

Smarking and ACE Parking collaborated to promote SmartPass using a variety of methods, including:

  • Marketing the passes on the Oakland City Center website, and on Smarking’s Oakland City Center website

  • Posting signage in and outside the garage

  • Creating and distributing flyers

  • Contacting and educating HR officials at key employers near Oakland City Center

  • Creating online marketing & SEO campaigns

A variety of SmartPass parking products featured on the Oakland City Center website

In the launch month alone, ACE Parking generated >$3,000 in incremental revenue, which quickly grew to recurring monthly revenue of $7,000 - $9,500. As of August 2022, the garage is generating more than $100,000 in annualized incremental revenue through SmartPass.

“SmartPass has been an invaluable and cost-effective tool to significantly grow our parker volume at Oakland City Center. Our garage managers love it because it’s automated and hassle-free, and our parkers love it because we can create easy-to-use parking products customized to meet their needs.”

-Jeff Soskin, Regional Director, ACE Parking

“Smarking is a great technology partner that always comes up with the solutions the industry truly needs. When we started trying the SmartPass platform, we were not sure if the flexible parking concept would really catch on. Looking back now this was a great step ACE Parking took, and we look forward to expanding”

-Clay Adams, EVP Revenue Assurance-Auditing-Analytics, ACE Parking

Interested in learning more? Email or call us at 855.949.4800.


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