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Webinar and Q&A: Smart Cities-Henry Servin of Santa Monica

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

For the webinar link, please click here.


Wen Sang, CEO, Smarking

Guest Speaker:

Henry Servin, Parking Manager, Santa Monica

Henry Servin is a Professional Civil Engineer and Professional Traffic Engineer. He runs development review, traffic impact study review, and citywide transportation modeling.

His General Plan update - Circulation Element preparation and analysis. Transportation planning and projects specializing in livable and complete streets.

His primary goal is to create and deliver major strategies for reducing the effects of global climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, and vehicle miles traveled. Also, to encourage life cycle use of dwindling and peak oil based materials, transit oriented development, creation of safe, livable, and sustainable communities, and support LEED-Neighborhood Development strategies.

Specialties: Transportation planning and project programming.

Transportation engineering and project management

Agenda Schedule

  • Henry talks about convenience vs price

  • Why did making parking free not work?-Turnover and utility

  • Henry talks about how data helped assess which parking structures were high and low performing

  • What does the data allow you to do? Change underperforming lots into soccer fields, change traffic patterns to better use existing parking

  • How does parking data help you assess traffic patterns?

  • How can you better utilize on-street parking by changing traffic patterns?

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