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PaybyPhone and Smarking Partner to Provide Clients with Robust Parking Data

Updated: May 8, 2022

San Francisco, California - Smarking has completed a new API integration with PaybyPhone that provides clients with robust and timely access to their parking data. Together, the two leaders in the parking technology, bring their expertise to accelerate the digital transformation in parking.

PaybyPhone is the leading global provider of mobile parking payment solutions, with over 35 million registered users and is one of the fastest growing mobile payment companies in the world. Smarking is the leading provider of business intelligence for parking management in North America. Their partnership started back in 2015 to provide parking operators and managers with visibility into the performance of their locations.

With the help of PaybyPhone’s transaction data, Smarking’s Business Intelligence provides clients with visibility into key metrics for their business, including: occupancy levels, revenue, parker duration, and much more.

“Strategic collaborations with industry technology partners like Smarking, gives us the ability to provide our clients with an ideal solution for their parking operations.” – Roamy Valera, CEO, Canada & USA

“Smarking’s integration with the PBP ENS API allows stakeholders at MPA to access near real-time information from the field, analyze historical patterns, and spot emerging trends in a flexible dashboard that is easy to understand.” - Henry Espinosa, Director of Information Technology at Miami Parking Authority

The new API integration:

  • Enhances the robustness of the data feed which significantly reduces the risk of service interruptions

  • Provides faster data updates allowing for real-time visibility into the location

  • Is the new standard for data integrations, the process was seamless for clients and they experienced no interruptions

How it works:

  • To start the process, all of the data intended to transmit from system to system was predetermined and mapped together

  • This allows for the transmission of data from system to system and allows for continuous connectivity

  • Before, the Smarking server would ping PaybyPhone’s server for data, which could create a load on their server and slow it down, now this information is pulled automatically and seamlessly

What This Means For The Parking Industry

Those who own a parking asset, own the data that is captured in their PARCS and should have easy access to it. Transaction information has critical data needed for parking management, including: length of stay, turnover, payment methods, monthly parker usage, and so much more.

This data is essential to make informed decisions, create action plans, improve performance, reduce costs, and achieve objectives.

With this state of the industry integration, PaybyPhone is leading the industry and putting their customers first.

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Smarking: Smarter parking management. Equipping you with the data and real-time visibility you need to increase sales and revenue.

Leading parking operators, real estate owners, and municipalities trust Smarking for real-time business intelligence, dynamic parking rates, and consultative services. Smarking specializes in working with transaction-level parking data, powering over 2,000 locations in North America.


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