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Parking is one of the most important urban mobility infrastructures, facilitating the daily needs of 100MM+ commuters across the country in America everyday. It underlies various industries including: restaurants, events, hospitality, airline & travel, and much more.
Parking data serves as a barometer of the U.S. economy and is indicative of customer behaviors, business health, and regional & national demand trends.
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Improve data modeling & predictions

With access to key indicators of parking demand, such as occupancy, revenue, and number of transactions - you'll have the national & regional context needed to monitor and measure trends across various industries. 

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Recovery trends and activity 

It's going to take time to get back to pre-COVID activity and demand. As each county and region has their own re-opening schedules, monitor activity and customer behaviors at a regional-level.

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Granular insight

The performance of a parking location is largely measured by revenue growth, occupancy at various times of day, and the number of transactions, and year-over-year metrics. At a market-level, this insight provides crucial indicators into the activity of surrounding commercial and retail properties. 

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