Smarking Case Studies



Smarking is changing the way that cities are using data. Instead of a few manual parking counts and static parking studies, Smarking's dashboard provides an interface that allows city planners and parking authorities to look at trends of data for every hour of the day. Smarking's data aggregation also allows cities to view on-street data with both meter and mobile payments.

Cities are using this data to implement dynamic pricing, adjust hours of restrictions, and re-evaluate time limits. Read more below or visit our blog to learn how the public sector is using data to inform better policy decisions.

City of Aspen, CO

Smarking Data Analytics solution helps the City of Aspen manage seasonal parking demand.

Read about how Smarking's dashboard was used to inform pricing decisions, increase parking turnover, and increase revenue for Aspen. 
Hear Mitch Osur (Parking Director, City of Aspen) speak about Smarking!
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City of Grand Rapids, MI

Smarking Data Analytics solution helps the City of Grand Rapids track parking behavior trends.

Read about how Smarking is influencing policy decisions and providing data transparency in Grand Rapids.
Hear Josh Naramore (Parking Manager, Grand Rapids) speak about Smarking!
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