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Why Smarking?

You won't find our solutions anywhere else 

Our vision for the parking industry is at the forefront of everything we do. We've led the industry with innovation.


  • 2014: The first and only business intelligence provider that can integrate with any existing PARCs equipment, our unique and time-tested API is compatible with over 500+ data integrations. We continually improve the software and add new features frequently. 

  • 2016: The only proven dynamic pricing engine for parking rates- 163% revenue uplift across 10+ regions. AYM uses real-time demand patterns to determine the right price and automatically updates multiple times a day, kind of like Uber or flights.

  • 2020: We launched the industry's first benchmark in response to the abrupt impact of COVID. With our data from 2,000+ locations across North America, you can compare the performance of your location against the industry, with 1-click. 

Our team provides personalized service and support

We treat our partners portfolio's like our own. Providing personalized consultation to ensure each client meets their unique goals, from passing city policies to meter removal projects, and everything in-between. 

We provide unlimited trainings to all users and hands-on support. When clients have a question, they can immediately reach their rep, not an operator. 


We value feedback from our partners and use requests to continually improve our products and solutions.

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Let's chat

Learn more about Business Intelligence and Yield Management solutions for your portfolio. Schedule a meeting or call us at 415-483-2587‬.
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