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Smarking and SKIDATA Announce Strategic Agreement

to Deliver Increased Value to the Parking and Mobility Industries

Existing Partnership Expanded to Accelerate Parking Digitization 


SAN FRANCISCO, CA (June 4, 2019) -- Smarking, the parking industry's leading provider of business intelligence and yield management software, today announced a strategic partnership with SKIDATA USA the international leader in access solutions and revenue management.  The agreement propels the existing partnership to an increased level of technical and business collaboration and development.


“Business intelligence and yield management solutions are now increasingly utilized by the parking, mobility, and commercial real estate industries,” said Stefan Schaffner, CEO SKIDATA USA.  “It only made sense to expand our relationship with Smarking since SKIDATA’s customers are already asking for their software, and they clearly are leading the industry in reporting, analytics and yield management.  Our agreement helps solidify SKIDATA’s leadership in providing the best mobility platform into which new and innovative technologies can integrate. The partnership is a win for our customers and the industry.”


Smarking currently collaborates with SKIDATA in hundreds of locations providing holistic real-time insights and action driven analytics for municipalities, owners and operators of parking facilities.  The new agreement lays out a roadmap for accelerated technical integration and business collaboration. 


“SKIDATA is the gold standard in the PARCS industry, and their sweb platform vision provides the comprehensive and flexible architecture our mutual customers demand,” commented Wen Sang, CEO of Smarking. “By deepening our partnership with SKIDATA, we know tens of thousands of customers in North America will benefit from immediate business gains while building for the connected, autonomous, and digital future.”



About Smarking:

Smarking is a San Francisco based tech company serving commercial real estate owners, municipal governments, parking operators, and others to maximize parking asset results. Empowered by a team of MIT data scientists, urban mobility experts, Silicon Valley software engineers, and business professionals, Smarking’s market leading business intelligence and yield management software currently empowers over 2,000 parking locations in the USA and Canada maximizing NOI, tenant satisfaction, and cost reduction.




SKIDATA is an international leader in the field of access solutions and their management. Almost 10,000 SKIDATA installations worldwide in ski resorts, stadiums, airports, shopping malls, cities, spa & wellness facilities, trade fairs and amusement parks provide secure and reliable access and entry control for people and vehicles. SKIDATA places great value in providing solutions that are intuitive, easy to use, and secure. The integrated concepts of SKIDATA solutions help clients optimize performance and maximize profits. SKIDATA Group ( belongs to the publicly traded Swiss Kudelski Group (, a leading provider of digital security solutions.




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