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Purchase mobile-friendly daily, monthly, and overnight parking passes.
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US Bank Centre - Parking Passes


Full Monthly Pass - $345/Month

A full monthly pass with a spot reserved for you every day

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Weekend Promotion - $7/Day

Flexible pass, $7/day for each day on the weekend


Flexible Monthly Parking - $16/Day

When you need a flexible monthly pass, choose the number of days you want to park, minimum 3 days

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Daily Voucher -


Flexible pass, $17/day for each day Monday through Friday


No More Citations, Tickets, or Meters!

If you’re tired of feeding the meter just to avoid citations and tickets throughout the day, let SmartPass make your day easier. With our passes, you can just pull up, park your car, and go about your business.

The US Bank Centre public parking garage is secure, with only those who have a pass getting access. Just use your QR code from your mobile phone and scan in and out as needed.

Safe US Bank Centre Public Parking Lot

Within Walking Distance of Popular Destinations

The US Bank Centre garage is located within walking distance of a number of popular locations, such as:

Motif Seattle - Destination by Hyatt

The Motif Seattle - Destination by Hyatt, is 2 minutes walking distance from the US Bank Centre garage. If you are staying at the Motif Seattle, you can easily park your car at the US Bank Centre garage.

Sheraton Grand Seattle

The Sheraton Grand is a quick 1 minute walk from the US Bank Centre. If you are staying at the Sheraton Grand and need a quick place to park your car, the US Bank Centre garage is close by!

Seattle Convention Center

If you’re staying at the Motif Seattle, or the Sheraton Grand, or just attending an event at the Convention center, our parking structure is just a short 3-minute walk away. 

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Other Locations Near Our Parking Structure

Here are other locations near our parking structure:

  • Hilton Seattle (2-minute walk)

  • Fairmount Olympic Hotel (5-minute walk)

  • Crane Jewelers Ltd. (3-minute walk)

  • PCC Community Markets (3-minute walk)

  • Blue Water Taco Grill (1-minute walk)

  • 520 Pike St. (2-minute walk)

  • Urban Outfitters (3-minute walk)

  • ACT Theatre (2-minute walk)

  • Washington Numismatic Gallery (5-minute walk)

  • Sharepoint Training Conference (5-minute walk)

  • The Cheesecake Factory (3-minute walk)

  • Gameworks Seattle (2-minute walk)

  • Old Navy (4-minute walk)

  • 5th Avenue Theatre (2-minute walk)

  • HackerAgency (3-minute walk)

  • ParkPlace Building (3-minute walk)

  • Turgeon-Raine Jewelers (3-minute walk)

Reserve Your Parking Permit Today!

Don’t make parking near US Bank Centre more complicated than it needs to be. Reserve your parking permit with SmartPass today and enjoy easy, secure parking within walking distance of your destinations.

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