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[Webinar] COVID-19 Impact on University Parking: State of the Industry and Recovery

Featuring Stanford and Harvard University. With in-person classes on hold at colleges across the U.S., the demand for parking is down about 90%, and many universities rely on campus parking revenue to support parking programs and on-campus transit. How are parking professionals positioning themselves to prepare for recovery? Co-sponsored with the New England Parking Council (NEPC). • How campuses are pivoting and replanning • Leveraging data to navigate during the unknown and forecast revenue impact  • Re-budgeting based on historical and broad market data • Advice to peers and a Q&A session Meet the panel: Brian Shaw, CAPP, Executive Director of Parking and Transportation Services at Stanford University John Nolan, MS, CAPP, Managing Director of Transportation and the Campus Services Center at Harvard University Hosted by Dr. Wen Sang, CEO of Smarking This is a one-hour webinar with 40 minutes of panelist insight and recommendations for recovery planning, the remaining 15-20 minutes are for an interactive Q&A with attendees. The full session recording will be provided to all registrants.

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