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Updated: Action Needed! Parking Needs to Reach Senate Leadership RE: CARES ACT NOW

Updated: Apr 1, 2020



NPA Members:

This is an NPA Issue Alert: During this challenging time, NPA is doing everything it can to help all of our members. We are having success on the Hill with support for parking in the House. We need your added help right now with the Senate.

If you have any connections with the Honorable Senator Chuck Schumer or Mitch McConnell, please contact them as soon as possible. Parking language is included in the House Bill. We now need Senate support. Parking is a critical part of the nation's infrastructure and a recovery requires all of us from front line workers to leaders and our organizations.

ACT NOW: Copy and paste the text below to email your representative:

Dear Senator (customize with name):

The parking industry contributes more than $175 billion impact to GDP through direct, indirect and induced impact. Total parking industry related employment spans nearly 1 million workers in the public & private sectors—including suppliers to the industry in parking and ground transportation.

We ask parking to be recognized as essential infrastructure with its role as a part of first mile, last mile mobility for airports, hospitals, hospitality and business.

Including the parking industry is a logical inclusion with lodging and restaurant industry (industries already included in title I, small business provisions of the CARES Act given the inclusion of NAICS 72) we think it is reasonable to include the NAICS code for parking (812930).

This could be accomplished by simply adding in the following places to help save the parking industry’s more than 581k employees working at locations for us that have not more than 500 employees.

Pg. 14, line 19, following “beginning with 72” insert:

“Or with a North American Industry Classification code of 812930”

On pg. 15, line 18, strike the period at end of Clause III add “and” and insert the following new clause:

“Any business concern with not more than 500 employees per physical location that, as of the date on which the covered loan is disbursed, is assigned a North American Industry Classification System come of 812930”.


Christine Banning, IOM, CAE

President, National Parking Association



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