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The Easiest Way to Keep a Pulse on Your Garages: Automatic Alerts

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Smarking is proud to announce our newest feature to our Business Intelligence platform, automatic alerts.

Alerts are sent straight to your inbox when occupancy is abnormal, exceeds, or falls below a defined threshold. Competitive rate alerts notify you when rates change in your market.

  • Occupancy alerts can be set by subcategories such as parker type (monthly or transient), length of stay, PARCS type, and more.

  • Online competitor rates: The alerts feature will notify the users when their competitors' rates exceeds, falls below, or fluctuate beyond a defined threshold.

Do more with less

It's like another set of eyes on your locations that let you know when a garage requires your attention. An abnormally low occupancy alert can indicate an equipment issue or a need to adjust rates.

With real-time alerts, you can take a proactive approach when your garage is about to reach capacity or when a monthly group is accessing the garage at a high volume. Combine this info. with the oversell tool on your dashboard to make faster monthly oversell decisions and lease agreements.

Stay ahead

The competitive alerts provide insight on rates in the market and allows you to quickly adjust rate schedules as needed. COVID-19 has disrupted normal parking demand patterns, with real-time alerts, you can make quick changes in response to the rapidly fluctuating market. Combine market and competitor data with automated yield management, for a truly touchless, demand-based rate management strategy.

Straight to your inbox

To support COVID-recovery, we're offering our Business Intelligence solution free for 90-days. Try it out with no risk or commitment, valid for a limited time. Schedule a meeting for a free consultation or to get started.


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