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Street Parking Downtown Cleveland - Best Places to Park

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Downtown Cleveland, Ohio, is one exciting place to be. Located in the heart of the city, the area is constantly bubbling and bustling with activity and is known for housing iconic establishments like the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Center.

Downtown Cleveland is also known for places like the Playhouse Square, the Terminal Tower, Cleveland Mall, the Q Arena, and several notable clubs, restaurants, and boutiques that litter the area.

With all the daily activity and visitors that grace this area of the city, finding a nice parking spot in downtown Cleveland for your car can be a significant challenge, especially if you're opting for street parking. Street parking is the most ordinary parking option for vehicle owners. Still, there are certain things you should note about street parking in Cleveland, Ohio, especially if you're a first-time visitor to the city.

You wouldn't want to get a parking ticket on your first visit.

Cleveland Street Parking

Street Parking in downtown Cleveland is very much available in several parts of the city. However, to find these parking spots, you may very well need a map. This is one major challenge for first-time visitors: only a detailed map showing the street parking spots will help you know where to park.

Even if you get a map of the city and find the right spots to park, you may still run into trouble if you violate any of the city's parking laws. There are specific laws associated with street parking in Cleveland.

For one, every person must park their car within the parking meter zones and pay the parking meters the required fee. Parking meters are enforced from 8 am to 6 pm, and the standard hourly rate is $0.50. However, in some areas, the rates may change.

Another thing you should know while paying for Cleveland's street parking is that single-space meters accept coins only (you can use any coin denomination). In contrast, multi-space meters accept cash and credit and debit cards. It's good to inspect meters and signs for the best possible parking position as soon as you park.

Cleveland Downtown Parking Lots

An alternative to street parking is to use garage parking in downtown Cleveland. There are several garage lots available, with competitive daily parking charges. The downside of garage parks is that charges may go up on special events or holidays. For example, the Canal Basin lot at 1519 Merwin costs $2 daily, while parking at events costs $15 daily. There are also lakeside public parking lots available for $4 per day during non-event days.

How To Avoid Getting A Parking Ticket?

Obey Cleveland's parking rules, especially if you're parking in the street. Some of the standard parking rules to observe include;

  • Looking at the street signs to see what they indicate

  • Observe parking meters before you park

  • Avoid parking your vehicle overnight if you're taking advantage of free parking.

Note that any time you spend outside your reservation will attract a ticket, so park your vehicle according to the exact hours you paid for. If you get a ticket, pay for it online or in person at the clerk of courts parking violations bureau.

One better way to avoid trouble is to park your car at a suitable garage in downtown Cleveland. Alternatively, you can use public transportation. But this isn't a viable option if you value your comfort and privacy.

Is there free parking in downtown Cleveland?

Yes, free parking is also available in downtown Cleveland. Using a detailed map, you'll find the free parking spots marked in green.

However, if you're not with any particular map, know that Cleveland's on-street parking meters are disabled from 6 pm to 7 am. So you can park at any parking meter for free during this time.

Note that on special events, the city may not allow for free parking in the streets. Sometimes, you may not even find space, as other vehicle owners will rush to park their vehicles in the available spaces. There are other options

Is parking free in downtown Cleveland on weekends?

Like most cities, downtown Cleveland offers meter parking for free on Sundays and Saturdays and some major holidays. Here's a list of certain holidays when you can park for free in downtown Cleveland:

  • Martin Luther King Day

  • Independence Day

  • Christmas day

  • Labor day

  • Memorial day

  • Thanksgiving day

  • New year's day

Best Parking Option For Downtown Cleveland, Ohio

Street parking can bring a whole lot of hassle, and garage parking is also costly. If you're looking for a parking option that checks all the boxes and is still very affordable, use Smarking Cleveland car park. With Smarking, you can easily pre-book your parking space from the comfort of your home.

Prebooking is the best way to reserve space; a Smartpass allows you to book for only the specific days you'll be keeping your car. After booking, drive up to the parking garage in Cleveland, scan in, park, and go your way. If you're concerned about location, no need to worry. Our parking garage is close to famous landmarks and destinations like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Mall, and the Cleveland Center. Enjoy easy and hassle-free parking with Smarking Smartpass. Reserve your seat today!!!


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