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Smart Cities Webinar - City of Portsmouth, Ben Fletcher

Updated: Dec 16, 2022


Derek Lessard, Head of Sales, Smarking

Guest Speaker:

Benjamin Fletcher, Director of Parking, The City of Portsmouth

Ben Fletcher, Parking Director for The City of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, increased parking turnover and reduced congestion by changing parking rates. The increased turnover increased business for downtown and increased customer satisfaction.

Agenda Schedule

The City of Portsmouth Reduces Congestion by Adjusting Parking Rate Structure:

  • Ben talks about how he used data to come up with the 3 hour flex rate limit to push parking turnover

  • Ben talks about the results of the parking rate change

What Makes The City of Portsmouth Unique?

  • Tourism brings in a large amount of money for Portsmouth. How do you deal with the seasonality of parking and traffic flow?

  • Portsmouth has a large historic district and a weaving coastline. What parking and traffic challenges does this create for the city?

Non-Conventional Parking Policy:

  • How does parking data help you assess traffic patterns?

  • How can you better utilize on-street parking by changing traffic patterns?

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