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Smarking at IPMI 2020: Municipality Best Practices & COVID-19 Response

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

We hope you enjoyed this years IPMI Virtual Conference as much as we did! We commend the entire IPMI team for shifting to the online environment so quickly for the community. Events like this are crucial in keeping our community united, sharing best practices, and providing support to each other.

Please remember that your IPMI registration is valid for 1 year to access the all content on their platform: IPMI Virtual Conference & Expo 2020

We collaborated with our partners from the City of Houston, City of Boulder, and the City of Santa Monica to record presentations on best practices on leveraging parking data to accomplish various goals such as:

  1. Balancing off-street and on-street parking demand to reduce congestion

  2. To implement new parking policies focused on improving community satisfaction through affordable parking options

  3. Automate painful manual processes in parking management and improving operations

  4. Curbing operational expenses and increasing revenue to fund various community programs

  5. Track the impact of COVID-19 and adjust the budget and operations accordingly

All presentation recordings are available on IPMI's virtual experience. Additional information is also available below.

Smart Cities Pavilion

City of Santa Monica: Integrated Parking and Land Use Policy Progress

See how the City of Santa Monica and Smarking partnered to better balance the demand of on-street and off-street parking, reduce congestion and CO2 emissions, and leverage data to adjust and respond to COVID-19. Read the full story

City of Boulder: A Data Driven Parking Program

Digital transformation is at the forefront of improving operational efficiency and curbing expenses. The City of Boulder successfully automated manual processes and centralized their data to improve operations and enable new opportunities. Read the full story

Education: On-Demand Auditorium

City of Houston: Data Driven Policy Action

See how the City of Houston leveraged parking and LPR data to inform policy decisions. During COVID-19, the City of Houston and Smarking have worked together to track the impact during the pandemic, project the revenue impact, and adjust their budget accordingly.

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