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Parking Near Republic Square Austin: The Best Places In 2022

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Republic Square is a conspicuous park in the heart of downtown Austin at the convergence of 4 major streets. It is one of the three squares that formed the original layout of the city but has long been transformed into a small paradise.

Republic Square is quite a busy place; always buzzing with people, especially during weekends.

As with every other busy place, parking can be troublesome at Republic Square. This means that if you have made arrangements to be here on one of the event days, pre-booking your parking spot ahead of time would be your best bet. That way, you can save yourself some time and energy.

Because an excellent parking experience is labor-saving, Smarking is offering you flexible parking management, SmartPass, to improve parking space accessibility.

Find a Parking Space Near Republic Square Austin

Finding a good place to park near Republic Square can be very tricky, especially if you're new in Austin. Some surface and garage lots are located within a couple of blocks, while others are several blocks away from the square.

Here are some nearby active parking opportunities available, and their prices:

Free Parking at Republic Square

If you're looking to save a few bucks, you can take advantage of Austin's metered street parking by parking on any of the 4 streets surrounding the square. Visitors who come for the SFC farmers market on Saturdays also get to enjoy free parking in the surface lot directly south of the square. Also check out other options for free parking in Downtown Austin here.

Be sure to follow the parking rules in Austin, so your car doesn't get towed by the authorities.

Indeed Tower Parking

Located at 200 West 6th Street in downtown Austin, TX 78701, this parking garage is one of the closest to the Republic Square. The facility is a covered garage restricted to cars of 2.8 meters and below in height.

The entrance to this garage is located between 6th and 7th Colorado street. Indeed tower parking rates vary from 10 to 33 dollars and they also offer monthly passes as well. Learn more about Indeed Tower parking garages nearby here.

Austin City Hall Garage

Austin city hall garage is located at 157 Guadalupe street: They are open 24 hours every day. The facility is a covered parking lot that allows cars of only 7ft or less. Their rates vary from 5 to 40 dollars and they also provide monthly passes.

Premier Parking Lavaca Plaza Garage

At 504 Lavaca street is the Lavaca Plaza parking garage. The garage is a secure lot restricted to cars' height of 1.87 meters and below. They are open Monday to Sunday, though they do not allow overnight parking. Their rates vary from 12 to 30 dollars and they don't offer monthly passes.

Guadalupe Street Parking Lot

Located at 308 Guadalupe St Austin, TX 78701, this parking lot is just 472 feet away from the Park in the warehouse district. It's a very spacious lot operated by premium parking. Booking costs 25 dollars, minimum.

West 6th Street Parking Lot

This parking lot is located 0.1 miles away, at 501 West 6th St. The facility is operated by Laz parking, and they charge 15 dollars or more for a booking.

Smarking has parking garages for several parks in Austin. If you need parking space urgently you can secure a slot for yourself at the Smarking parking garage ahead of your visit.

Our garage is located just 4 minutes away from the Republic Square in downtown Austin. Compared to some other parking lots in the area we have some of the best rates and parking spaces. Learn more about parking rates around Downtown Austin here.

Smartpass is a reliable smart parking technology that allows its users to experience unlimited custom parking options in Republic Square just by clicking a few buttons.

It doesn't matter what day you need a pass, SmartPass permits flexibility as you can choose to pay only for the specific days you will need a parking space in downtown Austin.

What's more, SmartPass is easy-to-use, in that vehicle owners will need little to no training to control and regulate the settings perfectly fine. For bookings, you only need to reserve a parking space and pay right from the comfort of your home. Simply book a space with Smartpass.

Other Interesting Places To See In Downtown Austin

If you're a real fan of entertainment and sightseeing, then you might want to explore other interesting parks and fun places in downtown Austin. The city has several interesting locations, and thankfully they're not far from each other; so you can leave your car parked where it is and stroll to other squares or buzzing spots in the area. Check where you can park in Downtown Austin here.

Here are other interesting locations you can visit can complete your trip or tour.

Indeed Tower

This building is the largest and tallest tower in downtown Austin and a very remarkable skyscraper. It has a 17,000 square-foot outdoor oasis and also features a post office and a world-class fitness center. The tower is open every day of the week, and surprisingly, it is located just beside the Smarking garage.

The Bob Bullock Museum

If you're a tourist or a fan of art, you'll love this place. The Bob Bullock Museum is the official museum of Texas, where you get to see what makes Texas, Texas. The numerous artifacts in the museum (some of which date back to 10,000 years ago), will make you understand the state's history and culture. The Museum also hosts year-round exhibitions, Hollywood movies, interesting lectures, science events, and more. Find Bob Bullock Museum parking here.

Austin Capitol

One of the most remarkable places in the entire Austin city is the Texas state capitol. It is a massive 3-story building, and the largest Capitol building in the country (even larger than the U.S capitol). At the Austin capitol, you can get a free tour of the fascinating building, enjoy fun exhibits at the Visitors Center, get something to eat in a nearby restaurant, or have a picnic right there on the beautiful grounds of the capitol. Find Austin Capitol parking nearby.

The capitol building and the Republic Square park remain some of the most spectacular projects done by the Austin recreation department to date.


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