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Parking Cleveland Museum of Art - What You'll Need to Know

The Cleveland Museum in Ohio is a great place for you to enjoy some art time - but if you plan to bring your car, then you will have to learn more about the parking Cleveland Museum of Art. Cleveland is a busy city, so unless you find a good parking garage, you might end up with a parking ticket.

But can you park your car in the parking of the Cleveland Museum of Art? And if you can't, are there any other alternatives? Well, you are just about to find out.

Directions and Parking Rates

The Cleveland Museum of Art has its own parking garage, which you may access from Wade Oval Drive, in the direction of East Boulevard. The parking garage is conveniently located so that you can visit the Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio and other museums from the University Circle.

The Cleveland Museum of Art parking garage is not free, even if the exhibitions themselves are free of charge. It all depends on how much time you spend there and the time when you enter the parking lot. Your membership there will also determine exactly how much you will have to pay for the parking fees.

The Cleveland Museum of Art parking garage features accessible parking, which is noted with a red line and signage. You may pay for the tickets in advance through the parking garage reservation process, or you may pay at the garage entrance.

The fees are as follows:

  • The rate for nonmembers: $14

  • The rate for members: $7

  • The rate for nonmembers after 5 PM: $12

  • The rate for members after 5 PM: $7

  • The rate for senior members on Tuesdays: $2

Payment can be made through credit cards. Cash is only accepted at the pay station at the interior tunnel. However, the Cleveland Museum of Art recommends making the payment in advance to avoid potential lines.

If you plan to visit the University Circle, you may want to get the maximum daily rate. Use the QR code at the entrance facing Wade Oval, and you may access the Museum of Art Parking Garage whenever you need.

Where Else to Park

Ideally, when visiting the Cleveland Museum of Art, you will want to park at the museum parking lot. The problem is that on busy days, the Museum of Art parking garage can be packed and you may not be able to find a good parking spot.

There are various street parking meters located in the area, some of which are quite close to the museum of art, and some are in the Little Italy area. However, some may have high fares, and not all are in the garage. This means that your car will be at the mercy of the elements.

The Cathedral Plaza is an excellent place to go to if you want a secure place. Once you are at the garage entrance, you can find Smarking's parking lots, where you can access SmartPass. Your car will be protected, and the fares will also be convenient. Learn more about the parking options in Cathedral Plaza here.

Upon exiting, you can either walk on Superior Avenue to get to the museum, or you may take a detour on Euclid Avenue to see the Tower City Center or other museums. This will bring you closer to points such as the Children's Museum.

You can also take the bus to reach the University Circle of Museum. There, you can visit the Cleveland Botanical Garden or the Cleveland Natural History Museum on East Boulevard. Cleveland State University is also close by if you cannot find any parking spots near the museum. They have 5 garages that are available for visitors. Discover more parking options near Cleveland State University here.


How Much Time Do I Need to Visit the Cleveland Art Museum?

On average, you will need 1-2 hours to fully enjoy what the museum offers. Those who love the art world can take even longer. Ideally, you should book the Museum of Art parking lot for 2 hours and perhaps add more hours afterward if you feel you need the time.

Is the Cleveland Art Museum Still Free?

The regular collection is free to visit at any time. However, specific exhibitions might require a special fee. Check their main page when you want to visit to see whether any special exhibitions are going on or not. Depending on the events, the Museum of Art parking garage can also charge different fees.

The Bottom Line

Cleveland has a lot to offer, and the Cleveland Museum of Art is worth looking into. The parking garage is a short walk from most points of interest, and you know that your car stays protected.

That being said, if you want to visit the downtown, you may also want to search elsewhere than the Museum of Art parking space. Map out your route, where you want to go, and find a garage worthy of your interest. Discover more parking spaces in Downtown Cleveland here.


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