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Oakland Ice Center Parking - Find the Best Parking Spots

Oakland Ice Center, located in the heart of the ever-bubbling downtown Oakland, California, is one place that's loved by many. If you ever find yourself in downtown Oakland, looking for some fun and entertainment, you can't afford to miss this place. Oakland Ice Center is an entire service ice arena with one NHL-sized Ice surface and one Olympic-sized ice surface.

Owned and operated by Sharks Ice, the renowned facility allows ice skating, ice dancing, curling, and broomball. You can also enjoy things like figure skating and even ice hockey.

The rink sets aside certain hours each day for public skating (you can check out their schedule on the website). Skating sessions cost around $10-14 for admission and skate rental.

The rink also offers skating, hockey, speedskating classes, and even hockey leagues for children and adults. Folks can also enjoy pick-up hockey and freestyle sessions, curling lessons, and field leagues from the Bay Area Curling Club.

As a plus, the Oakland Ice Center houses a pro shop where you can get all you need for your skating or hockey game, a snack bar, and party spaces for all.

With this much fun and entertainment, you can be sure that Oakland Ice Center parking will be a real tussle, especially if it's your first time in the city. Here, we'll reveal all the Oakland Ice Center parking options and the best method/option for first-timers.

Oakland Ice Center Parking Options

Finding a parking spot at Oakland Ice Center can be quite difficult, and truth be told, there aren't very many available parking options in the streets of Oakland City. The only good alternatives are to park in a garage or use public transportation. However, some advantages street parking has over garage parking options are:

  • Street parking is cheaper.

  • No need to book a reservation

  • Finding a garage parking lot close to the Oakland Ice Center isn't easy.

However, one significant advantage of garage parking is booking a reservation beforehand. Most garages will require you to book a reservation on their site or download an app on your phone for booking. You'll also have to select your start time and end time. Once your booked period ends, you'll need to leave the garage.

Let's consider street and garage parking options for Oakland Ice Center.

Oakland Ice Center Street Parking

Oakland Ice Center doesn't offer on-site parking to visitors, much less free parking. The closest street parking is actually at 581 18th St Oakland.

Skating on ice surfaces can be so much fun, and hundreds of people visit the Oakland Ice Center every day to enjoy fun activities on the ice. And so there's always very little chance of finding any parking space, even if you drive down to 581 18th Street, a better one is to opt for garage parking. There are a number of parking garages around downtown Oakland and are located just minutes away from Oakland Ice Center.

Oakland Ice Center Garage Parking

There are quite a several garage parking options available for Oakland Ice Center. The issue is that some are located some distance from the ice center. Here are some of the closest ones:

  • Telegraph Avenue Lot: This parking lot is located about 2 miles away from the Oakland Ice Center. The official address is 2016 Telegraph avenue. GPS directions are 37°48'35.1"N 122°16'09.6"W.

  • Franklin Plaza Parking: This parking garage is located at 409 19th St, about 0.2 miles from Oakland Ice Center. GPS directions: 37°48'26.7"N 122°16'06.5"W.

  • Greyhound lot: This parking lot is located at 688 20th St. It's about 0.2 miles away from the Oakland Ice Center. As for GPS directions, it's 37°48'37.4"N 122°16'25.3"W.

  • Lot 3: The Lot 3 garage is located at 1427 Franklin St. It's about 2 miles from the Oakland Ice Center. You can easily find this garage on the map, or better still, use the GPS directions 37°48'16.2"N 122°16'12.5"W.

  • Balco Lot: The Balco lot is located at 1623 Webster Street. It's about 0.3 miles away from the Oakland Ice Center. This lot is open 24 hours, Monday to Sunday, and it's operated by Douglas Parking.

Other nearby lots you can find on the map are lot 28 (0.2 miles away), CB&T lot (0.3 miles away), Lot 8 (0.3 miles away), and 1225 Webster St. Lot (0.4 miles away).

Two things you should ensure to find out about any garage before you sign in are the cost and the level of security in the garage. Parking costs in downtown Oakland vary depending on the location, so you need to do thorough research. It's also advisable to check out customer reviews to get more insight. You wouldn't want to pay a considerable sum to find your car broken into.

Free Parking At Oakland Ice Center

Oakland Ice Center parking is free at the Dalziel Parking Garage, located on 15th St between San Pablo and Clay streets. However, the free parking is only valid for OIC (Oakland Ice Center) customers. You'll be asked to present your token for validation before you can enjoy the free parking service.

Free parking (with validation) is available from Monday - Friday (4 PM - 1 AM) and Saturdays from 8 AM to 1 AM. This garage does not open on Sundays, and it's owned and managed by Oakland City.

One important thing to note is that accessible parking spaces in this lot are never guaranteed, and they are constrained.

What Is The Best Parking Option For Oakland Ice Center?

Free parking for Oakland Ice Center is rarely available, and garage parking can be costly; plus not all garages are safe. So what's the best option for parking?

The best option is to pre-book your parking space at a very secure parking lot: and what better way to book than with Smartpass.

With Smartpass, you can easily pre-book your parking space from the comfort of your home, perhaps while sipping a cup of coffee or drinking a glass of beer. Smartpass allows you to choose between a flexible day pass (only pay for the days you need) or a weekend pass at $10 only.

If you're tired of getting disappointed with free parking or want to avoid tickets and citations, use Smartpass to make your day easier. Once you book a pass, drive down to the garage, scan in, park your car, and go your way. You'll also be required to check when you want to exit with your vehicle.

Our parking garage at the Oakland City Center lot is safe, secure, conducive, and burglary-proof.

Why make Oakland Ice Center parking more complicated than it needs to be? Get your Smartpass today!


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