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NPA Market Day: Dynamic Pricing Contributes to Accelerated Revenue Recovery

Online Parking Demand is Recovering at a Faster Rate than Offline Demand

Dynamic Pricing is Contributing to Accelerated Revenue Recovery: Smarking’s Dynamic Pricing (AYM) Engine Enables a 40-400% Revenue Increase

New Pricing Challenges Amid COVID-19

  • Monthly parker occupancy rates have shifted as more offices adopt hybrid in-office and work from home models

  • New commuter patterns

  • Peak entry times and duration times have shifted

AYM automatically creates unique pricing for each hour, each day, and each duration of stay per hour based on the real-time demand. Avg revenue uplift of 163%, no effort required.

AYM Enables a 90-260% Revenue Increase for ABM

AYM dynamic pricing engine enables an increase in YoY revenue between 90-260% each month from June 2020 to date.

ABM + Smarking Outperform 75% of New York market

AYM dynamic pricing engine enables ABM to outperform 75% of the New York parking market, realizing an increase in YoY revenue between 90-260% each month from June 2020 to date.

Learn more about ABM's success with dynamic pricing and partnership with Smarking.

Smarking Powers 2,500+ Sites with Business Intelligence & Yield Management Solutions

The leading provider of business intelligence and yield management solutions in North America, powering 2,500+ locations.

Smarking partners with leading parking operators, municipalities, commercial real estate firms, airports, and more. Enabling broad and deep value creation:

  • Business Automation - lower expenses

  • Business Intelligence - better decisions

  • Yield Management- increased revenue

Try Dynamic Pricing Risk-Free

You may qualify for free access to Smarking’s Automated Yield Management (AYM) solution, schedule a meeting to get started.

Henry Cawthorne, Sales and Account Management

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