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Marriott Oakland Parking - How to Save Time and Money with the Right Parking

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

The Oakland Marriott City Center is one of the most relaxing places to go if you want to dine at a good Oak restaurant, have time in the club room, or enjoy some nice room service - the only potential problem is the Marriott Oakland parking. This is mainly due to the popularity of the Oakland Marriott City Center, the guest reviews, and how the property welcomes guests.

The problem is that while all the safety measures for the people are put in check, you may not always know where to leave your car. Finding a good parking spot can usually be done through free local calls, but this can be time-wasting.

Luckily, with apps such as SmartPass by Smarking, you may book parking ahead of time.

Nearby Parking Locations in Oakland Marriott City Center

The Oakland Marriot City Center is found at 1001 Broadway Oakland CA. While it has a convenient check-in process and late check-out times, you may have to be very careful about the parking spot that you choose.

Marriott City Center

When you want to save time, going to the parking lot of the facility is likely the best option for you. More or less, you can jump right out of the king bed in the guest rooms and reach the parking lot in no time.

Found on 1001 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607, it's open at all times, and it costs $45 if you go for self-park - or $55 if you want valet parking. You can make a cash deposit to the attendant, but there may be some height restrictions.

Oakland City Center

A couple of mere minutes from the Marriot center, beneath the city Center on 14th street, you can find the Oakland City Center. You can book ahead with SmartPass. A weekend pass is $10 and a day flex pass is $21. The City Center Parking garage is your best bet for parking in downtown Oakland.

Smart & Final Lot

There's a parking garage at the Smart & Final Lot on 475 10th Old Oakland. If you are only parking for 30 minutes, it will cost you $3. If you want to leave the car there for 24 hours, the cost will be $18.

It offers wheelchair-accessible parking, and you can pay by phone - which will also offer a location ID.

Courtyard Oakland Downtown

Customers at Marriott International can park at 988 Broadway Oakland CA 94607, which is about 4 minutes away from the Oakland Marriott City Center. You can park for an hour for $10, or you can park for 24 hours at $40. The property accepts credit cards as a preferred method of payment.

Oakland Convention Center

There is a parking garage at 550 10th St, at the Oakland Convention Center, where you can leave your car for up to 24 hours. The price for a full day is $45, and it's a 4-minute distance from the hotel.

You can book beforehand and get free cancellation if you eventually find a space at the Marriott Center.

Douglas Parking, LLC Old Oakland Lot

The Old Oakland lot is at a 5-minute walking distance from the Oakland Marriott City Center. Weekend daytime parking costs $10, with check-out by 5 pm. Weekdays cost $15, and evenings are $5. You can pay with cash or cards at the front desk, or you may pay with your phone or card at the on-site parking meter.

435 8th St, Chinatown

At a 7-minute distance from the Oakland Marriott City Center, you can leave your car for up to 24 hours at 435 8th St in Chinatown. You pay in the Honesty Box through cash, and it will cost only $10 to leave your car there for 24 hours. Van parking is also allowed, but only for smaller vans.

Oakland City Center Garage

The City Center Parking garage is at a 10-12-minute distance away from the Oakland Marriott City Center. It's a safe spot with electrical outlets, and you can obtain booking confirmation right away with SmartPass. You check-in and check out with the QR code, and you can leave your car there while you are lounging at the Marriott Center.

Street Parking

Street parking is also possible in Oakland (the San Francisco Bay Area), and many places around the Oakland Marriott City Center. Some meters usually function from 8 am to 6 pm, with free parking space on Sundays.

There are also free street parking options if you want to stay close to your hotel room, but make sure that you respect street laws. The last thing you probably want now is a ticket.

Popular Spots Near Oakland Marriott City Center

There are various places around Marriot City Center where you can go and have some fun. Whether you take your car or go on foot, they are easy to reach.

Downtown Oakland

This place is 2-3 minutes away from your location and is packed with restaurants and shops. It's a highly walkable area, which means that you will not need your car for a stroll. It is also a good place to visit if you are going with service animals. Parking in downtown Oakland may be scarce so you'll save a lot of time if you book ahead of time.

Paramount Theater

Found just a few minutes away from the Oakland Marriott City Center, the Paramount Theatre is a good place to go if you enjoy arts. It's a beautiful building in the Art Deco style, and it is also a National Historic Landmark. Discover more parking options by the Paramount Theatre.

Fox Theater

Fox Theater is popular for its concerts, hosting shows from artists such as Metallica, Bob Dylan, and Kylie Minogue. When you book a ticket for an event there, you may also want to check with the desk staff if you can also book a parking spot. Find more Fox Theater Oakland parking spaces here.

Jack London Square

Going by the East Bay waterfront, this place is great to visit if you want to relax. The bay view is beautiful, and there is also a good selection of restaurants that you can go to. Most of those restaurants offer parking spots for limited hours (usually while you are eating), but street parking is also available. Check out all available parking near the Oakland Ferry Terminal at Jack London Square.

The Bottom Line

Visiting with your car can be very inconvenient if you don't know where to park. Oakland is a busy city, which means you might want to book your spot beforehand. SmartPass by Smarking may be able to help you in this regard.


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