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Downtown Oakland Parking Rates: The Cost To Park Your Car

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

The city of Oakland is a diverse and exciting place to live. The city's downtown area is a vibrant, fun place to be. It has a vintage vibe with many restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and galleries. There is also an artsy, hip area in the downtown area.

Oakland is also known as the home of the Golden State Warriors professional basketball team. You can visit the Oakland Arena to take in some NBA action. Or visit the Ring Central Coliseum if you prefer basketball.

Parking in Downtown Oakland

Because of the diverse and busy nature of the area finding good parking rates in the city can be a challenge. In this article, we will analyze the best rates whether you're looking for a short-term stay or monthly parking deals.

Here is the best list of parking options in Downtown Oakland available for you:

City Center Garage

The City Center Parking Garage is located in the heart of downtown Oakland on 14th Street, close to the Preservation Park.

The hourly rate for this parking garage is $16. Or if you are planning on having a shorter visit you can pay $4 for every 15 minutes. There is a maximum daily rate here of $40 after you have stayed longer than 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Monthly parking rates are available for $300 through the Smarking flexi parking pass. You can choose to opt for the $ 21-a-day flexible monthly parking pass (where you choose the number of days you want to park).

Flexible weekend parking is available at $10 per day.

Franklin 88

The Franklin 88 Garage is located on 9th Street and Franklin Street. Situated opposite the City Center Plaza and a 1-minute walk away from Chinatown. Franklin 88 offers a variety of options at different prices.

These options range from $1.50 for one hour to $12 for seven hours all day every day. There is an early bird promotion available Monday to Friday for $10. As long as you're in by 10 am.

You can stay until closing for $14, and an overnight stay will cost an additional $10.

Monday to Friday there is a flat rate of $6 if you're in after 5 pm and Out by 11 pm. And the same offer is available Saturdays and Sundays if you are In after 6 am and out by 11 pm.

This garage opens 6:00 am - 11:00 pm every day.

Old Oakland Lot

The Old Oakland Parking Lot is located at 822 Washington Street, just a 6-minute walk from Lafayette Square. You can get different rates for daytime and evening parking here:


Monday through Thursday, the daytime cost is $14 if you are in after 4:30 am and leave before 5 pm. For Friday through Sunday, the daytime fee is $10 if you arrive by 4:30 am and leave by 5 pm.


The evening fee is $5 and is available every day. As long as you arrive after 5 p.m. and depart before 4:30 am.

Can't find an available parking space at the Old Oakland Parking Lot? Check out more parking spaces near Lafayette Square here.

Aki Parking

You can stay for as little as $2 for 30 minutes at the Aki Parking Garage. And $1 for every 30 minutes after that. You can get a 24-hour rate for $10 if you wish to stay the full day.

Evening parking rates are available after 3 pm for $2. You will find the Aki Parking Lot located on 8th Street near Broadway. Also check out other overnight parking choices available in Downtown Oakland here.

Pacific Renaissance Plaza

This parking garage is located on Webster and 9th Street, close to Chinatown. You can stay here for $1 for every half hour you stay, with a maximum daily rate of $24.

An overnight stay here will cost you $30. The garage is open from:

  • 7 am - 11 pm Monday to Thursday

  • 7 am - 12 am Friday to Saturday

  • 7 am - 11 pm Sunday

There are 356 spots available in this lot and the maximum height for vehicles is 2.08 meters.

In case this garage is full, parking by Hampton Inn Oakland is a good alternative. It's just a minute away from Pacific Renaissance Plaza and just a few minutes to downtown Oakland.

East Bay Parking

On 726 Harrison Street is the East Bay Parking Lot. In the middle of Chinatown. Here you can pay $3 for a one-hour stay or $8 if you want to stay for the full day (as long as you are in after 7 am and out before 8 pm).

Overnight stays here cost $4 if you are in after 7 pm and out before 8 am. This garage operates all day every day.

Oakland Museum

The OMCA garage is located at 1000 Oak St. It can be accessed from 12th Street and Oak Street. Rates start at $5 per hour and you can get a special rate of $20 if you are in before 10 am, and out before 5 pm.

Can't find any available spots? Also try parking near Paramount Theatre, it's just 5 minutes away from the Oakland Museum.


Whether you're looking for Downtown Oakland monthly parking or shorter-term stays. Smarking has access to parking garages in the right location for you.

Booking in advance with Smarkings Flexi passes gives you the flexibility and security of having a spot reserved. This will save you the worry of finding a spot on the day and potentially receiving a parking ticket. Head over to the Smarking website to book the right ticket for you

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