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Proven Strategies to Mitigate Revenue Loss Amid COVID-19

Updated: Dec 17, 2020


Current State of the Industry

  • Recovery was higher in September/October but started to decline again in November

  • Back down to less than 50% recovered across the board

  • Winter is going to be tough, it may get worse before it gets better

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Pricing Strategies: Old Strategies Meet New Challenges

  • New commuter patterns emerge as more people WFH and adopt hybrid in-office models

  • Peak entry times and duration of stay have shifted significantly

  • Are your monthly parkers shifting to daily?

Are your parking rates aligned with the current demand of the market?

  • We used to update rates quarterly/annually… how about now?

  • Is your current rate setting still captures the most demand?

Pricing Strategies #1: Measure Rate Change Impact & Adjust From There

Premier Parking Site Recovered +79% of YoY Revenue: As of October 2020, Premier Parkings’ Nashville garage has recovered +79% of YOY revenue, while the industry is down -54%, ranking the location’s YTD performance above 64% of off-st parking sites in the US.

  • Real-time data (market standard these days - you are behind if you don’t have it; but having it is just a start point)

  • Frequent & granular pricing management

  • Measure, adjust, measure, adjust...

Curb The Expenses: A Demand Data-based Approach To Staffing

New Staffing Challenges

  • Landlords/municipalities/clients request minimum expenses across the board due to COVID-19 impact

  • Recovery will take time to get back to pre-COVID levels

  • We still need people to keep the facilities running

Leading Parking Operator Manages Staffing upon Demand Data: In June, a leading parking operator in Chicago partnered with Smarking to update staffing allocation. Smarking used the location's real-time demand data (hourly entry/exit/occupancy changes…) to determine staffing needs, saving landlords up to $50,000 (annualized) per location, without compromising visitors’ needs.

With this digital capability, parking managers can effectively monitor and manage more locations at a time, safely and remotely.

Business Expansion During Covid: Highlight Your Success Against Market

One Parking Leverages Industry Benchmark Win New Business

  • COVID hit the entire parking industry heavily.

  • When put into context, while revenue was down YOY at a landmark parking facility in FL, One Parking was actually performing better than 71% of locations in the market.

This performance was representative of resilience and recovery, giving the team quantified success for both retaining existing clients and win new businesses on the market.

“Our client called to say, 'Mark, that graph you showed me in your office, can I get that to show our client? Did it really say we're doing better than 71% of the other garages? I said, 'Give me 30 seconds.' I pulled up Smarking, selected 'Benchmark', set the date range, selected 'Transient Only', screenshotted it, and emailed it to him, all in 30 seconds. This is a great tool." - Mark Pratt, COO, One Parking

Do More with Less: Automated Dynamic Pricing & Online Sales

ABM Industries Increased Online Parking Revenue By 95-250%: Since June 2020, Smarking’s dynamic pricing engine (AYM) has generated a 95-250% revenue increase for online sales, producing $90,000 - $200,000 of additional revenue per year at this site.

Smarking’s dynamic pricing solution (AYM) automatically creates unique pricing for each hour, each day, and each duration of stay per hour based on the real-time demand.

  • Maximize yield by pushing up prices at high demand times

  • Maximize demand by enabling promotions dynamically at low demand times