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Austin Capitol Parking - Find The Best Garages In The Downtown Area

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

The Texas State Capitol, located in downtown Austin, is one of the country's most remarkable state capitols, and a National Historic Landmark. This massive three-story structure stands 14 feet higher than the United States Capitol, which makes it the largest capitol building in the country and it's full of elegant, ornate details to marvel at during your visit.

Whether you show up for one of their free half-hour guided tours, or prefer to do a self-guided tour to explore on your own, visiting the Texas Capitol is a great way to spend the afternoon. After your tour, head to the Capitol Visitors Center to learn more about the history of Texas.

If you are spending the day at the Austin Capitol, parking in the downtown area might be a hassle. Want to make your day easier? Reserve and pay for your parking spot ahead of time, with our flexible parking management by Smarking. Our parking garage is just minutes away from the Texas Capitol and it's a safe place to leave your car for the day. Just use your QR code for in/out access and enjoy hours of worry-free fun in downtown Austin.

Find Parking Near the Texas State Capitol

Everyone knows finding a place to park in downtown Austin can be very difficult. With so many event venues, historical landmarks, and shops around, it is almost impossible to find free parking nearby Downtown Austin. Take a look at these nearby parking options to save you some time and avoid tickets.

Capitol Visitors Parking Garage

The Capitol visitor's parking garage is just one block away, and it's a good option if there are no events going on in the area. The first two hours are free, and then it's $2 per hour with a maximum daily charge of $12. You may find free parking over the weekend, but there may be added fees in case of events and the maximum daily charge can go up to $25.

Keep in mind this parking garage is not exclusive to the Capitol, so it might fill up quickly. Also, during special events, they might block off parking spaces without prior notice, so it's still worth planning some extra time in case of any inconveniences.

Perry Brooks Garage

About four blocks away from the Texas Capitol visitors parking garage, you'll find Perry Brooks Garage on 720 Brazos St. Their rates go between $8 to $18 depending on the time of entry, and up to $30 for 24-hour parking with no in-and-out benefits.

9th Street Garage

The 9th Street garage, located at the cross of Olive St. and 9th, is also a popular option if you are planning on spending a long time in the downtown area. They have a flat rate of $25 for 24 hours, however, due to size restrictions, only standard vehicles are allowed. So if you're driving a minivan, pickup truck, or large SUV, this is not your spot.

Austin Center Garage

This is an underground parking option on 701 Brazos St, just a short walk away from the Texas Capitol. If you arrive before 9am you get an early bird rate of $12 as long as you're out by 6pm, and the regular rate is $5 an hour. Their maximum daily rate is $48.

Stick Around, There Are Lots to See in Downtown Austin

After your visit to the Texas State Capitol, you may want to stick around and enjoy a great afternoon in the area. There are plenty of things to do and see. As long as your car is safely parked at the Smarking garage, there's nothing to worry about. Here are other nearby locations that might keep you busy.

Republic Square

There's always something for everyone at Republic Square. This active and buzzing urban green space in the heart of downtown offers a great place for families, locals, and visitors to enjoy regular events and daily programming.

Visit the farmer's market on Saturdays, year-round fitness classes, public artwork, live music and even outdoor movies. Our parking garage is a short 4-minute walk away from the park, so you can reserve your spot and forget about it for the rest of the day. Find Republic Square, Austin parking here.

Indeed Tower

The largest and tallest office tower in downtown Austin is right by the Smarking garage. Take some time to admire this outstanding skyscraper and enjoy a breath of fresh air in its 17,000 square foot outdoor oasis. The building features a world-class fitness center, outdoor terraces and a historic post office by the park.

If you don't want to waste time driving around, reserve your spot at the Indeed Tower garage ahead of time. We have some of the best rates and safest parking spaces in the downtown area. Our garage has a great location, just a few minutes away from the Capitol and many other nearby attractions.

View the best Indeed tower parking spots available.

6th Street

The world-famous 6th street is a must-see in downtown Austin. It is home to many live music venues such as San Jac Saloon and Pete's Dueling Piano Bar. Visitors to the 6th street will enjoy endless entertainment, great food, and the best nightlife in town. This is a great way to spend a weekend evening and experience the Austinite vibe at its best. Find the best parking on 6th street.

The Bob Bullock Museum

If you are in tourist mode, head out to the Bob Bullock Museum to find out what makes Texas, well... Texas. Originally opened as the official museum of the State of Texas, the Bullock Museum offers signature experiences to explore the state's history, identity, and culture. Make sure to check out the parking available at the Bob Bullock Museum here.

The Bob Bullock Museum features over 500 artifacts that date back more than 10,000 years, along with year-round exhibitions, Hollywood films, science events, lectures, and much more.

It is located right in between the State Capitol and the Texas State University so it's a great stop to include in your sightseeing tour. If you can't find any parking nearby, you might also want to consider checking for available parking at the University of Texas.

There are definitely a lot of amazing attractions and places in Austin that you should see and a few days or even a week is not enough to explore them more. If you decide to stay a bit longer for more adventure but are worried about parking, worry no more because there are long-term parking available in some locations in Downtown Austin. Find out more about the monthly parking in Downtown Austin here.


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