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A Look Back at 2020: Innovation, Resilience, and Community

Updated: May 12, 2022

Never have we been pushed more towards innovation, resilience, and camaraderie. Here's a snapshot at what we achieved together.

Shared Insight & Learnings

With the disruption of the pandemic, industry leaders came together to share their own learnings and observations. From an industry showcase to a global session with parking leaders - it was the year to come together.

Thank you to J.P. Morgan, Harvard University, Facebook, the City of Santa Monica, Millennium Garages, Arrive, LaSalle Investment Management, Premier Parking,

NPA, and everyone else who made 17+ free webinars possible.

The Demand for Innovation

To promote knowledge sharing, Data is the heart of Smarking. As a

we published 13 success stories together with response to "what the heck is going

our partners. Thank you to ABM Industries, on", we launched the first-ever

One Parking, Macerich, Premium Parking, Industry Benchmark to share real-

and everyone who shared their learnings time data. With the tool, we published

and innovative strategies for recovery with 70 granular data reports on the state

the industry amid COVID-19. of the market. No really, seventy, check it


The Adoption of Dynamic & Digital

With the pressure to do more with less - we're grateful that our solutions served as a tool for recovery. Locations powered with dynamic rates are recovering at a significantly faster rate than the current industry average. Given the demand, we'll keep this offer available for a few more months if you're interested.

Connected from Afar

Whether you joined us for a webinar, met with our team, or subscribed for market data - thank you for being a part of the journey with us. Onward and upward in the New Year! New products, events, success stories, and continued recovery.

- and I (Sarah) promise to never mention 2020 again 🥴


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