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Unico partnered with Smarking to take a data-driven approach to parking management, which resulted in an increase of $280,000 in NOI, beating their goal by 40%. Smarking's data allowed Unico to make precise oversell and pricing decisions in order to respond to changing urban parking dynamics. Read More

Parking Asset Owners

Parking Operators

VPNE is New England's premier parking operations firm and takes pride in its ability to empower employees to deliver the highest level of client service. Smarking has equipped VPNE with the power to make more frequent pricing changes and run a more efficient and profitable business. Download


The City of Walnut Creek utilized Smarking's data management platform to balance parking demand between the downtown core and periphery, as well as build the foundation for a holistic urban mobility solution enabling progress towards a Smart City vision. 

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  • Increased parking citation revenue through data-driven, real-time enforcement routing

  • Uncovered new opportunities to grow revenue and increase community satisfaction

  • Optimized pricing and payment options to reduce cost and increase revenue

"Now we know where we can increase revenue, where we can cut costs, and what could happen if we change rates or switch equipment. Smarking helps us make decisions.

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With our advanced predictive data technology, we can get automated demand-based pricing up and running in as little as 24 hrs. Test it out and see for yourself. 

Empowering Commercial Real Estate Owners and Property Managers 

With Smarking, parking facility owners can leverage the same practices that have been long employed by the hotel and airline industry to manage inventory, reduce costs and maximize revenue.

Parking data can also be leveraged to make more informed decisions around leasing and development. Some of our clients include: Brookfield Properties, Boston Properties and Ashkenazy Acquisitions Corporation.

Smarking enables parking owners to easily:

  • Increase revenue and maximize the use of your real estate 

  • Inform decisions around parking requirements for new developments

  • Increase overall customer and parker satisfaction

  • Allocate inventory based on data instead of intuition

  • Dynamically price inventory based on demand

Revenue Projection

Untap hidden revenue potential at your locations. 

By leveraging your locations regional information and allocated spaces, we can forecast the revenue uplift after implementing AYM. Submit your information to get started.


3-5 unique pricing levels 

Minimal pricing variations 

(3 hr rate, 8 hr rate, 24 hr rate)

Updated yearly, maybe monthly

Minimal updates ​may keep your parking assets below the market rate and may cause wide fluctuating demand.

Changes based on: 

  • How do my online rates compare to my drive-up rates?

  • How do my online rates compare with my competitors online rates?


400+ Unique Pricing Levels

Smarking creates unique pricing for each hour (unique per day) and each duration of stay for that hour.

Updated Multiple Times Per Day

Reflects real-time demand changes, ensures your parking assets are at market price, and controls demand.

Price Adjustment Methodology: 

  • What is the demand for this location?

  • What price maximizes revenue and occupancy at this garage given this goals, without driving away visitors? 

Free Online Rate Survey 

Are your online rates competitive enough to achieve your occupancy and revenue objectives? Get a free rate survey to see how your portfolio stacks up. 

 Since we deployed AYM in March 2019, we have observed continuously growing revenue increases since then up to 136% (YOY), annualizing a very meaningful NOI and asset valuation uplift.


Our partnership with Smarking helps us deliver competitive investment performance through economic and property market cycles, which is a driving principle here at LaSalle.  


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