#1 Parking Data Platform: Empowering Over 2,000 Locations

  • Thousands of hours saved
  • Millions of dollars additional revenue 

  • Next level customer relationship 

  • Real time tracking of parking KPI 

  • 360 view of all locations in one place 

  • Oversell monthly parkers, maximize events demand, and optimize promotions with data-driven decisions

  • Rate band analysis and many more with “1 click” computation & visualization 

  • Stay informed with daily digest email and alerts

  • No more manual car counts

  • No more juggling among multiple logins of different parking equipments

  • No more missed revenue opportunities 

  • No more laborious reports pulling and endless excel spreadsheet crunching

  • No more running around putting out fires reactively

  • 1st ever fully automatic algorithm-driven dynamic pricing engine for parking assets

  • 40%-400% revenue uplift for applied sales channels

  • Hundreds of new rates updated multiple times a day on a daily basis for every location

  • Set & forget with no human maintenance

  • Tremendous hours saved from managing prices

  • No more intuition based pricing or underutilized assets

  • No more $millions revenue missed at either high or low demand hours

  • No more static rates without a change for years

  • No more missed revenue due to human omission

  • No more busy running around or back and forth phone calls for rate changes

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  • One centralized platform for all your parking data 

  • Government cloud level infrastructure 

  • Standard parking data API supporting real time data streaming toward any application or platforms you point to

  • No more struggle for integrations among different parking equipment, payment solutions, or mobile apps

  • No more worries on losing historical data over transitions or facility maintenance 

  • No more endless inhouse IT development projects and support

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