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311 S. Wacker Dr. Parking Pass


Flexible Day Pass - $15

Our flexible day passes allow you to get a daily pass whenever you need it. When you just need parking for the day, this is the perfect solution. For only $15 a day you get in/out privileges. These passes are non-refundable.

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Full Monthly 24/7 - $425

If you need full monthly parking privileges, this is the perfect pass. You get 24/7 access, and it is renewed every month. When you need unlimited parking, this is a great option. This pass is non-refundable.


Weekend Parking Pass - $10

This pass will save you money for weekend parking, at $10 per pass instead of $15. These passes are non-refundable.

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Monthly Overnight Pass - $50

If you need overnight parking on weekdays and weekend parking, this is the right pass for you. This pass is non-refundable.

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No More Citations, Tickets, or Meters!

With a convenient parking pass in a structure within walking distance of all your downtown destinations, you won’t have to deal with citations or tickets anymore. Don’t worry about feeding the meter — just park and go.

Our Chicago public parking lot is safe and easy to use. Just scan into our well-lit parking structure and park your vehicle securely in your space.

Safe Chicago Public Parking Lot

Within Walking Distance of Popular Destinations

There are tons of popular destinations within easy walking distance. These are just a few.

Willis Tower

Willis Tower has apartments, attractions like Skydeck, food, and much more. Our parking garage is just a short 2-minute walk away.

The Loop

The Chicago Loop is filled with a variety of attractions and restaurants. Parking in the Loop can be nearly impossible, but our parking garage puts you just a short 15-minute walk away.

The Buckingham Hotel

If you’re staying at The Buckingham Hotel, our parking garage is a great pick. It’s just a quick 7-minute walk away.

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Other Locations Near Our Parking Structure

Here are more locations that are just a short walk from our parking structure:

  • Enwave Chicago (1-minute walk)

  • Skydeck Chicago (4-minute walk)

  • Midwestern Career College (7-minute walk)

  • Illini Center (5-minute walk)

  • LaSalle Street Station (6-minute walk)

  • Oscar O. D’Angelo Park (5-minute walk)

  • Hilton and Hilton Garden Inn (4-minute walk)

  • Chicago Fed’s Money Museum (8-minute walk)

  • Chicago Board of Trade Building (7-minute walk)

  • The Buckingham Hotel (7-minute walk)

  • Hero Coffee Bar (10-minute walk)

  • Warby Parker (10-minute walk)

  • Marquette Building (13-minute walk)

  • DePaul University (12-minute walk) 

  • The Loop (16-minute walk)

  • Adams/Wabash Station (15-minute walk)

  • Auditorium Theater (15-minute walk)

  • Central Loop Hotel (10-minute walk)

Reserve Your Parking Permit Today!

When you need convenient, secure parking in downtown Chicago, SmartPass is just a quick reservation away. Just reserve your parking permit today and make parking an easy experience!

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